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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rave, Jun 15, 2002.

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    Seems like the bishops are doing just like the rest of the elite and protecting their own!
    I am Catholic and every day I become more embarrased and angry!The bishops are taking the soft line a saying that defrockment is,in cases of ONLY one offense,too harsh!
    I submit getting the boot is only the beginning!After thay are out from under the protection of the church they should be heading for criminal court and if convicted they should go to prison just like any other child molester!
    They are in a position of trust and should be held to a higher standard and subject to at least the same penalty as any other "man."
    It just erks me to no end how the elite always get away with it,GRRRRRRRRR!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Well, at least now they claim they will start reporting it to the police.


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    as figured

    Rave I am truely sorry that the catholic church has decided to embarrass its members the way it has. I have a certain problems with organized religion and when I see churches take actions as the catholic church has done in the face of this problem it leaves an even bitter taste in my mouth.
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    Mr Chick (of Chick Publications, the little comic book pamphlets) calls the Catholic Church "The Whore of Babylon"...I dunno...just thought I'd point that out
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    Being a "recovering" catholic, I try to understand this whole thing. I try to factor in stuff like media hype and some people makeing claims in an effort to get some law suit $$. Having been a child abuse investigator for 3+ years I do know that sex abuse cases are a tuff thing to witness and the events occured several years or more ago so no physical it comes down to word aginst word. I also realize that the church is haveing a ruff time recruiting both priest and nuns and that the shortage was the crises before this one. Im sure the decision not to flat out expell a priest accused of such deeds is part proff, part polatics and part gee were short on priest so if we throw a buch out now what do we do. The problem is real and in my opion their handleing it is not the right methoud...but I also acknowledge that they are not use to the press chewing them up so they dont understand the spin Dr. stuff like the Clintons and such....Its sad that people can cause our faith to become questioned and the immoral can now point to the church that traditionaly serverd as an example and go well if this is ok then lets all smoke pot and get naked.
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    Congressmen and Church leaders should face criminal charges

    I'll second Rave's comments.

    Yes, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, and all other kinds of church denomination leaders should definitely face criminal charges during the first offense as well as after any additional charges. There's no reason for looking the other way with just one offense. That's plain wrong.

    That's like the good old boy system of congressmen regarding ethics charges among themselves. Congressmen should face criminal charges, too, just like religious leaders when charges are filed and proven.
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    I am a Christian first and a Catholic second.If I decide to reject the Catholic organization it won't mean I reject our creator,that will never happen!:nod: :nod: :nod: :D