Took the latest acquisition out today

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  1. Yep I took my newest acquisition out for a play date today, so after having to buy more ammo (because the stuff Big5 sold was steel core) I setup target at the 50 yard mark. I had been shooting all day so I wasn't trigger shy. I loaded her up and slowly squeezed the trigger. First round way high and to the right after 5 I had walked it into the first ring but still to the right. Man she's a sweet shooter cycled 15 rounds and no signs of sticky bolt syndrome. Last round .5 inches off dead center. I think the more I shoot this one the better my groups will be. After 15 rounds my shoulder needed a break. So I took the mufflers off and was on ear plugs only. The worst part was my ear plugs had come loose and the guy next to me with his AR was rapid firing. Tonight my ears are still sounding funny but getting better.

    I had my boys with me and my youngest wanted to try the Mosin, I said hey let's do this first. Put your hand on my back behind my shoulder where the gun is and lean on me a little when I fire. I pulled the trigger and turned around, he was already shaking his head NO. before I could ask him if he wanted to fire it. Then I had my 13 year old do the same. Made me laugh, his eyes were huge and he said No way Dad, How can you stand that.. I just said hey you don't feel it after the first one.. We all had a blast though. I was shooting video over my shoulder while I was firing from the bench. I'm gonna post it on my site later tonight or tomorrow.
  2. cool! sounds like you all had a great time!

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    You didn't say what model Mosin Nagant you had, If it was a 91/30, the sights may have been set for use with the bayonet attached. If it was a M44 they may have been set for the bayonet extended. The sights can be adjusted for use with no bayonet or bayonet not extended.
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    I could have been that new Pak. Hard to tell without a name or picture.


  5. Sorry Gandog it was a M91/30 1929 Tula Ex-Dragoon, and I did not have the bayonet attached. If your referring to the front site, I believe I've seen an adjuster for sale online somewhere.
  6. Being out there with your boys is priceless. They will remember those good times with the old man.

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    There is an adjustment tool out there, but a brass punch and a hammer work just as well, and I had those.
  8. OK here is my target, groups aren't bad but the site need adjustment.

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    Glad to here you all had a fine day !!
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    I'm trying to think, but I am pretty sure the one front sight I adjusted on a 91/30 for shooting without the bayonet it was also going to the right and high without the bayonet on. It shot lower and to the left with the bayonet attached, which looks like would have been dead nutz on with a bayonet on your rifle. Anyways mine now shoots dead on without the bayonet.