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Top 76 Fun Things To Do At The Mall

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Mar 13, 2003.

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    Top 76 Fun Things To Do At The Mall
    By Jacoblost

    1) No rollerskates, No skateboards, but I don't see any rules agains Unicycles!
    2) Climb into a window and pose
    3) Drop dishwashing detergent in the fountain
    4) Exchange the menu's at different restaraunts
    5) Pick a fight with the mannequin
    6) Go to the Gun Store. Ask if they also sell Ski Masks
    7) Set the ferrits free to bring mass destruction
    8) Wear a puppet on your hand and use it to talk to other people
    9) Yell: 'I Like Toast!!!' when it gets too quiet
    10) Shout, "Look, I'm naked!" just to see how many people actually turn to look.
    11) Stand transfixed in front of a mirror bobbing your head up and down.
    12) Put the "50% off"signs on different racks
    13) Set Up an Obstical Course For the Mall Walkers.
    14) Offer lap dances to random people (male or female)
    15) free-AOL-cd frisbee!
    16) Get your pant leg caught on the escalator, letting a blood bath ensue
    17) Get a leash and a very small collar, Then take your hampster for a walk
    18) At the bottom of an escalator, scream "my shoelaces! aaaug!"
    19) Make fun of all the Abercrombie & Fitch-wearing preppies
    20) If it's Christmas, ask the mall Santa to sit on your lap.
    21) Drop your large intestine on the floor
    22) Just spend the whole time at Spencer's...there are endless possiblities there
    23) In the book store ask where the Sex for Dummies Book is
    24) Put out of order signs on all the washrooms
    25) Beat up the Easter Bunny
    26) Go up to random people and ask personal questions
    27) Chalk the shape of a person on the floor and spray a little ketchup around.
    28) Beat Lafours over the head with a sock with quarters
    29) Set Up Valet Parking
    30) Dart around suspiciously while humming the theme from "Mission Impossible."
    31) Streak
    32) Crash a dating show going on at the mall
    33) Your Girlfriend
    34) set up a tent in the food cort and yell at people as they walk by
    35) Start a food fight in the food court
    36) You and some friends- Marcco! ... POLO!
    37) Stand outside a store and pretend to be a payed advertizement
    38) "Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?"
    39) Speak only in Klingon to the store clerks.
    40) Wear a tshirt making any kind of statement about the war
    41) Spill lemonade on the floor
    42) Release a Half Dozen or more Wild Squirrels & Watch the ensuing Chaos.
    43) Scuba dive in the fountain and collect all the change
    44) superglue a dollar to the floor
    45) Try to Use Lawn Gnomes as Curency
    46) Pick a fight with talking garbage bin
    47) run down an escalator that is going up
    48) Stalk someone!
    49) Find competitors selling the same items within the mall. Buy Low-Return High.
    50) Bring a lawyer to represent your hamburger at 'Food Court'
    51) Find 2 people that have less to do than you do
    52) go to the gun store and ask if it can cut through humans like butter.
    53) Glue pennies to the sidewalk and see how many people stop to pick them up.
    54) Entertain fellow mall-goers by faking seizures at random intervals
    55) Drive the display car around
    56) Gather the coins from the fountains to buy stuff from the food court
    57) Run away from the Rent-a-cops
    58) Try to get up on the roof
    59) Superglue Quarters to the Floor
    60) play paintball
    61) Get cookies
    62) Scuba diving for coins in the fountain
    63) Oh, I don't know, maybe _buy something!_
    64) Play with the evil ferrets
    65) mall tag!
    66) Stare at the Magic Eye picture
    67) too much P.D.A(public display of affection)
    68) Yell, "Terrorist!"
    69) Re-enact the scene of a kidnapping
    70) Million Man March
    71) pretend you're dying every time you go by Old Navy
    72) Loot
    73) Shoplift Major appliances at Sears
    74) one word: polo
    75) rob a store, give it to the little boy outside the store
    76) Pull price tags off of all the clothes.
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