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Discussion in 'SKS' started by Tracer, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Tracer

    Tracer G&G Aussie Dad

    the best thing i did for my sks was put williams fire sites on it. way more accurate for everyone who has shot it.all say they will do the same.note super glue the front sight and loctite the rear adjusting screw. WILLIAMS Gun Sight Company - FireSight Rifle Sets
  2. Glad to hear you like it. It was a toss up for me, between the fire sight and the tech sight.

    I went with the tech sight and it has a nice sight radius, but it is made of pot metal and I had to sacrifice my locking pin. Also makes for a pia to clean the rifle.

    If given I had to choose again, I would of went with the Williams FS.

    How is the sight picture. Can you see the target behind the fiber?

  3. Tracer

    Tracer G&G Aussie Dad

    oh yeah ,its just right
  4. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Glad ta here your report roggom but sorry you don't like them, i was going to buy them for my SKS.
  5. jerry

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    I have the Williams on m slug gun, very nice sights. I would like a peep and fire sight on the front of my SKS someday.

  6. Frenchy,

    The tech sight is very functional, groupings are great, just a lot of give and take. It is also about $25 more than the Williams. You will also need a narrow front sight as well. Thier website states solid steel construction, but did not stipulate it was pot metal made in China. I was very close to sending it back, but just kept it.

    As far as cleaning, I have a cable pull through cleaner for the barrel and clean the receiver after about 5 range trips.

    Guess I need to get a Williams set and do a side-by side.

    Mammmaaa I need $50 bucksssssss.
  7. frenchy

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    Man that's to bad they missrepresent their metal, well thanks again i'll go with the Williams.

    Mammmaaa I need $50 bucksssssss.:D
  8. jmp8927

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    My tech sight is made very well and works perfectly. It does take 45 seconds longer to take down, but that's not that much of a con considering the benefit.
  9. gandog56

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    You mean like this?


  10. SwedeSteve

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    I have had the tech sight on one of mine for a couple of years now. It is well made and almost doubles the sight radius !! Obviously that goes a long way in tightening up my shot groups. On the other hand, I really like Fire Sights, and have them on several of my firearms. So I guess it is a draw for me, except when it comes to my SKS !!
  11. very sexy win!!