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    hell, i'm in the process of purchasing a M1 Garand and i am torn between to different dealers. My two choices are Riverbank Armory and The Garand Guy. They both appeal to my price range. Who should I choose?

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    I just bought a Garand from the Garand Guy, Tony Giacobbe, and I would buy ten more from him. I got the whole thing for $850 plus $20 shipping. I could not be happier, I got my Garand in .308, took it out to the range this past Wed. and I zeroed it in a 100 yrds., shooting 2in. groups benchrest. I ordered mine and I got it 4 days later. The only thing that I can tell you that I had to do was tighten the rear sight up a bit. The barrel is new, Springfield Armory .308, new wood stock and handguards from Boyds, and it was built on an original Springfield reciever. I dont know about Riverbank at all, and to be fair about this, I never even heard of them, but I'll tell you this, when I got mine from the Garand Guy, The Virgin Mary Herself would be proud to shoot this rifle. Go with the Garand Guy, you will not be disappointed at all.


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    Work George and Tony against each other hehehehehehe. DOnt know what to tell you cause there both good people from everything I have dealt with them. Good luck and let us know what you get? Rick B