Torque specs for scope

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    I'm mounting two new scopes on a 700 308 and a Winchester model 70 30.06 I'm using weaver two piece mounts. How much torque on the base and the rings??

    Thanks Mel
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    Scope base torque specs - Georgia Outdoor News Forum ,,,Scope mounting ,,,By degreasing,they mean using some product like gun scrubber which is a degreaser.Be sure you are in a well ventilated area if using the carbon tet/carb cleaner as it can be absorbed inside you and disolve the fat that protects your nerve centers causing permanent damage. ,,,sam.

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    ^ Good info Steve.When you overtighten screws you risk pulling them up and then you can do nothing to make them right.If you run a die in it just slices off part of the thread making it weaker and it no longer fits the threads on the bolt/screw. Much easier to get an inch pound tool and do it right. ,,,sam.