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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, May 23, 2008.

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    Thanks for sharing jerry! I needed that pick me up! There are some great kids doing great things out there!

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    i heard about that, but hadn't seen the video. that is true sportsmanship.
  4. It's grest to hear things like this. If only more people were like this, our world would be better off.
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    I saw that the day it happened on espn, my son called "Pap, turn on espn, quick" it choked both of us up. It's great to see that kind of sportsman(woman) ship in our young people. The Pros could take a lesson from them.

  6. Made tears come up in my eyes and I'm not ashamed to tell it ! That was a very moveing story and Jerry Thanks for Posting it.
    You know some times we get tied up "here" at G&G and disagree about somethings, even to the point of wanting to reach in the monitor to choke someone.
    But you know what ? I honestly beleive when a member is down or in need here. all the members will come runn'in with an encourageing word, prayer or helping hand like we saw in that video !
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    Jerry thank you for the video. I know we have lots of good kids like those. About all you see on T.V. is the gangbangers, robbers, and murderers. It's great to see the good kids get some publicity for a change. That was a very moving video.
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    New York
    That report puts me in mind of the ending of Cars:

    Strip Weathers (aka "The King") has been bumped by Chick Hicks. He spun, went airborne and came down in a rollover in the grass strip by Pit Row, He's sitting there, all chewed up, smoking, his trademark tailfin crumpled like the rest of him.

    Lightning McQueen is about to cross the finish line to win the race when he sees the wrecked King on the jumbotron. He slams on the brakes, stops short of the finish line, watched Chick blow past him to "win" the Piston Cup, and then backs up to where Strip Weathers is lying bent and broken. He noses in behind him and commences to push The King back onto the track.

    Weathers: What are you doin', kid?

    McQueen: I think The King should finish his last race.

    Weathers: You just gave up the Piston Cup. You know that?

    McQueen: Ahh, this grumpy old racecar I know once told me something: 'It's just an empty cup.'

    The crowd is silent, ignoring Chick Hicks' spinning celebratory donuts in the infield, as McQueen pushes The King across the finish line. And as they cross, the crowd erupts into cheers - for The King and Lightning McQueen, not the putative winner of the Piston Cup.

    As Tex, the owner of Dinoco, observed when McQueen declined his offer to become the new Face of Dinoco (taking over from The King), "There's a whole lot more to racing than just winning." That's true of any sport. Of life too, for that matter. Grantland Rice was right when he said, "For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name/It matters not you won or lost, but how you played the game."

    What those girls from Central Washington did is the purest kind of sportsmanship; the sort of thing jocks and coaches like to claim sports are all about - and so seldom is, these days. They deserve to have a statue put up of them, for for their story to always be told to teams from both universities.
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    It's nice to see, young people doing what right without being make to.
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    I read the article in the paper the day after that occured. I was very happy to see a kind and touching act as that. It choked me up both times. I wish it was more common.
  11. It was not what I expected. Those young women are A+.
  12. Now that's class! It's also why I have enjoyed teaching all of these years.
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    Thanks jerry
    We should never under estimate our youngins, for it is part of our problem if we cant guide them and teach them in the right direction needed.
    Congratulations also to the parents who have guided those young girls in an event that made water come from my eyes..
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    Thanks a lot for that Jerry! It's always great to see good people like that!
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    +1, Jerry, it's good to see that the next generation is on the right path.
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    Doesn't this country have some kinda award for sportsmanship?
    If anyone has ever deserved an award, those girls do.
    Where are all of our camera hungry polititans when they could do something good for a change?