Toy Gun Buy-Back Proposed

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    If they buy my toy guns can I use the $$ to buy raly ones? Ok people who left the doors open to the nut ward..come on confess..there is no way that this many goof balls can be roaming by chance...someone left the door unlocked...

    Toy Gun Buy-Back Proposed
    Everyone's familiar with gun buy-back programs, in which police and/or community organizations buy back guns from the public, under the questionable assumption that this will somehow stop crime and gun accidents.

    Well, Annapolis alderwoman Cynthia A. Carter has upped the ante.

    She has proposed that the city start a program to buy back *toy guns.*

    Yes - she wants the city to spend tax dollars and/or privately donated funds to buy back from kids such things as water pistols, cap guns, and other toy weapons.

    She argues this will curb "violent behavior" among children. Carter also said she would eventually like to make all toy guns flat-out illegal.

    The idea was so breathtakingly idiotic that it left Steve Dasbach, Libertarian Party National Director, unsure of how to respond to it.

    "This is a real dilemma," Dasbach said in a media release. "Do we praise this politician for going after toy guns instead of Constitutionally protected real guns? Or do we point out that buying back toy guns will no more keep our streets safe than buying back non-alcoholic beer will keep Ted Kennedy sober?

    "Or should we just give this politician an award for coming up with the most entertainingly goofy idea of the year?

    "Our first concern was whether this program would lead to the creation of a new federal agency; the BATTF -- Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Toy Firearms. But our second concern was -- where will this end?"

    For example, Dasbach said, if politicians decide this program is successful, will they then...

    Prevent the next Microsoft by buying back Monopoly games?
    Prevent traffic accidents by buying back Hot Wheels toy cars?
    Prevent burglaries by buying back Barbie's Dream House?
    Prevent deforestation by buying back Lincoln Logs?
    Prevent gambling by buying back Pokemon cards?
    Prevent urban sprawl by buying back Lego bricks?
    Prevent war by buying back G.I. Joes? :p
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    I could get rich quick with my sons toys

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    I got shot in the eye once with a water pistol,it hurt. They are dangerous,and the choice of little criminals.
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    We've got to ban those high-capacity "Water-Blasters", and make the neighborhoods safe for yuppies in polyester.
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    Next those shooting games! Knock down your door for a gameboy!

    I didn't think kids even play with toy guns any more.

    They have real ones!