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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by boneguru, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. boneguru

    boneguru G&G Newbie

    looking for a good price on component tracers in .223 just for fun.
  2. Really want to mess up the barrel, huh??

  3. boneguru

    boneguru G&G Newbie

    isnt that what the chrome lining is for?
  4. sadiehn

    sadiehn G&G Newbie

    chrome lining or not you are going to burn uo your barrel if you start shooting tracers have you ever herd what it is that makes them trace I belive it is phosphoures
  5. The worst instance I ever saw of someone having a cow was on a New Jersey outdoor range during a really dry summer when the rangemaster saw some yawhoo shoot tracers. He couldn't yell cease fire loud enough. In any event, I'll bet you have to handle white phosphorus to make tracers which would have to be done in an inert atmosphere. Very dangerous. Not for amatures. Not too safe even for experts. Don't even think about it.
  6. boneguru

    boneguru G&G Newbie

    ok, point taken, dont mess.
  7. MikeC

    MikeC G&G Newbie

    boneguru, if you want tracers why not just buy some loaded rounds?? and i think j&g has them. but as others have pointed out, they are for "OH sh$t" situations only.
  8. jarcp

    jarcp G&G Newbie

    I'm sorry folks, maybe I'm just an idiot, maybe just dumb. I've shot (really) probably 1000-1500 tracers through my Mosin-Nagant. NOT chrome lined, NOT new super tough steel, and I've never had any problems. No extra wear and tear, no accuracy problems. Whom ever said that a tracer will "burn out" a barrel, never has fired one. (Well, never has fired a factory made tracer I should say). If you load a tracer round up, fire it at say 75-100 yds. you'll never see it trace, tracers are made NOT to burn until they have reached a sufficent distance that they won't give the shooter's position away. Well, at least US gov't tracers, which I must assume you are using since they are real easy and cheap to buy. I can hear the yells from here that I'm wrong, but try it! Get about 75yds. from a mound of dirt, and using a spotter, you'll never track it (well one or two of a hundred maybe) I've sat on the range with .223, .308. and .50 cals. so long, I cannot tell you how many rounds I've seen shot, but it would number in the 500,000 range. So really, burn a barrel?! I dont' think so!
  9. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    That's been my experience too. I've even videotaped it after dark. Fired a tracer out of a .30-06. Saw the muzzle flash, but no bullet. I've heard that this is more of a new thing, so older tracers might be different.
    As far as an "Oh ----!" situation, how would a tracer help you?
  10. I've fired a number of tracers through my guns and never had a problem, with any of them. If you load pulled military tracers in .223 or .50 cal. You'll need to use the right kind of powder, or they won't light consistently the .30 cal. doesn't seem to matter, they light, no matter what powder you use.
    There's a company called FIRE FOX, that advertises regularly in SHOT GUN NEWS, that has chemicals available to make your own tracers they also have the fixtures to drill out the back of the bullet. These chemicals aren't really dangerous to handle, if you follow the directions. You can make different colors, as well as, flashlight tracers.
    Have a good one, ****.
  11. sadiehn

    sadiehn G&G Newbie

    well I have seen what tracers due to barrels and it aint perrty so if you want to ruin a barrel go ahead but i will not waver in my opinon I have work on rifles and machineguns in the corps and have first hand experanace.if you think that they dont hurt a barrel call some barrel manufactures and check it out?As for me I will not send them down any tube of mine I like my .625 groups
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2002
  12. M1rifleman

    M1rifleman G&G Newbie

    well i have worked with tracers all my life at my open range and so has mt dad and when we shoot tracers all you should do is when firing them you should clean your barrel right after you shoot so it will not corrode your barrel
  13. vodkazombie

    vodkazombie G&G Newbie

    I've shot tracer ammo down my Mosin, but cannot vouch for the corrosiveness of the tracer element: the ammo was corrosively primed to begin with, so I cleaned the bore as I normally would after firing corrosive ammunition.

    There is a point here. A lot of the 30-06, 8mm Mauser, 303 brit or 7.62x54R tracer ammo you find at the gun shows is going to be WWII vintage stuff that is corrosively primed to begin with. I don't believe that the tracer element itself is going to be more of a threat to a bore than the primer salts.

    I've fired Hornady Vector ammunition in my 9mm's with no apparent wear and tear on the bore.

    Have a nice day gentlemen.
  14. You see the tracers x far from the barrel. It must be burning, and probably in a light spectrum you can't see such as infra-red. Whatever causes the corrosion, how much do you like your gun, or can you afford to re-barrel it??
    I don't see the thrill in firing tracers. After dark is a good time for me to be cleaning my guns and relaxing after a day of shooting. We used tracers in the Nam at the bottom of our magazines to tell us it was time to change magazines. Other than that, the M-60 had them to help bring fire on target.
    I have changed shot out minigun barrels that not using tracers might have prolonged their life.