Tracking potential election results

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  1. chesterwin

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    I don't speak with pollsters and feel sure there are many like me.

    I've been keeping an eye on what the bookies are saying. (It's illegal to bet on election outcomes in the US, but not the UK.) They got it wrong in 2016.

    The following is a link to an average of various polls, supposedly updated frequently, you can "tweak" it to the individual polls if you wish to see what they say individually. Just looking for a better way to see how the odds are swinging.

    If anyone else has a better method to track the forecast, please post it.
  2. Huey Rider

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  3. Scary Projections... If you believe them then the likelihood is that the DemoCraps will gain control of both houses and the Presidency. Very Depressing indeed!
  4. chesterwin

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    I'm not sure how good a "barometer" it is, but still looking for other sources.
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  5. Huey Rider

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    I’m very skeptical of any forecasts or polls now-a-days as they are mostly agenda driven.
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    I wonder what the terms are of the betting.

    Given the huge uncertainty of where this goes—due voter fraud, challenged ballots, you name it, no sane bookie would take bets on who will be president next year. There are way too many variables. Now you might take bets on who wins the popular vote or what not. But this may well go through hoops up to the SCOTUS, back to the state legislatures, or even the house.

    Now outside our borders lots of folks buy into the propaganda media.
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  7. chesterwin

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    Excellent question. I haven't found any recent wager odds. Especially after the last debate a couple nights ago.

    The polls are so far apart, there's no true picture I can bring into focus.
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    That is what the polls are generated for! To discourage us! Don't let the polls win! Ignore the polls & vote! Caution all your friends, neighbors, relatives to do the same!
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  9. chesterwin

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    I agree. Vote!
  10. grizcty

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    My. Polling says, Trump 2020.
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  11. I don't need to... Which is good because everyone I know or associate with is Voting (Red) except one and Knows the polls don't necessarily reflect reality. ;)