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    My local gun store was showing me a Traditions Panter side lock 50 cal for $99. Looks like a good deal too me but I aint never even shot a muzzle loader so what do I know... I plan to use it for plinking and maybe a few informal attendances at black powder shoots my club has. I know it has a 1 in 48 inch twist. The store owner said to just shoot lead balls and use black powder or FFG... Any info would be appreciated. Thanks all.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    You get what you pay for.

    As far as barrel inards go. The best you can get is 1/66 twist in a 33 inch barrel.
    1/48 in a 28 inch barrel in a carbine twist. Designed for conical bullet, NOT round ball. It will fire round ball, but it will go wild after 100-150 yards or so. Designed for a close in rapid load barrel.

    Go to a few Rondy's first. See what everyone is using. You will find that long guns rule the shoots. I've shot many a target walk, and have converted many a carbine user :)

    You will be shunned for your sights. Make sure you have plain iron, non-adjustable ones.

    If you want cheap, I'd go with a CVA long gun kit. Some where under $200. I've seen them as low as $75.

    As far as powder goes. It comes in four ratings:

    1F: Canon
    2F: 54 cal and larger
    3F: 54 cal and smaller
    4F: Pan powder for flintlocks


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