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  1. I have been casting and loading for my Mosin Nagant for about six months now. I started with Unique and some other recipes, but recently switched to Trail Boss. It is a bulkier powder and really makes loading easier (less chance of double charging.) I do not have all the stats but I have settled on a CTL312-160-2R dropped .315 sized to .314, Gas checked over 13.2gr or Trail Boss, CCI LRP #200, OAL 2.794 Groupings are about 2~3 @100 but really shines @25 and 50. Great for shooting at indoor ranges or small game.

    My recent trip to the range I dusted of my SKS. Well my range has a no steel core bullets nor cases (I know I know), something about mercury and stinky ammo. Anyhow most brass case lead core stuff runs about $10~15 per box, much more than surplus stuff. So in an attempt to bring the cost down, I worked up a load based on some online research.

    Now before you read on the cast load will not be enough to cycle the bolt, but I dont mind because I could weep when my sks flings my precious cases down range. So manual cycling will be necessary, and prudent in my case.

    I went with a CTL309-160-2R, dropped .311 no resizing and GC'd. The case holds 7.3gr of TB rather nicely and with the same CCI #200 LRP seated to 2.170. They fed without issue, with no leading in the barrel or gas valve. Grouping was 2" @25 and 4" at 50. Not the best, but I was dailing in a red dot for the cast load and ran only 20 rounds for testing. I normally use iron sites for FMJ loads.

    Anyone else been playing with Trail Boss lately?

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    Havent used it in any rifle loads yet but have been using it in the 44 mag and 500 mag.Makes very nice reduced recoil loads plus it is actually pretty accurate as well.Guess i am going to have to try it in a rifle now.

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    I've tried it my .243,.270, and 45ACP. The 45 really liked them but it was a bit smokey for my suits and could get the same results with less smoke with Unique. I got less than a 1/2" group at 50 yards with 11 grains of TB and a 100 grain Speer BTSP. And I get close to 1" groups at 50 yards with 14 grains and a 130 grain Hornady SP in my .270. Its a great, fun powder to use. Both of those loads reach a bit less than 1300fps.
    By the way when used in rifles you get a report of a 22 mag or less. Hodgdon lists alot of Trailboss loads on their website.
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    I like 13.0 grs. Red Dot or 16.0 grs. 2400 in my M44 using the Lee CTL312-160-2R bullet drops at .314 beagled,two coats of Alox/JPW mix and gas check applied with the Lee .314 sizer. groups about 1" in my 50 yds. back yard range.

    I shoot the same bullet in both my SKS rifle 12.5 grs. of 2400 cycles my Chinese and drops the brass right at my feet,the Yugo take 14.5 grs. to cycles the action. Five shot groups in the Yugo averages under 1" and the Chinese generally shoots all holes touching at 50 yds.

    I also use the same bullet in my 300 Sav.sized down to .311 it drops from the same mold non beagled at .312.5 I like 15 to 16 grs. of 2400 in the 300 Sav. once I got the scope zeroed to the load since the rifle has no irons my final five shot groups measure 0.824" at 50 yds.

    MV generally runs around 1600 to 1800 fps. depending on which load I use. Best thing I like is I can throw all my cast rifle bullet loads with Lil Dandy powder rotors.
  5. Jim, yes I have read "the load", Ed Harris is a casting genious and I have also used some of his 32 cal recipes as well. Thanks

    Res thanks for the info, sounds like I need to grab a container of 2400.About how many cc's (dipper size) is 16gr or 2400?

    I like that Unique will put lead on target well at 100y and a little beyond, but with so little powder I get paranoid about double charging, or raising the muzzle to prevent secondary ignition. With Trail Boss I shoot as normal the only thing is range is limited to about the same as 22LR. It is a great load for the kids to handle though.
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    Can't say which dipper would be correct or get you close with the 2400,I'm out of town all week and haven't used them enough in the past couple years to remember which dipper throws which load.
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    Iv'e tried TB in 223 with 55 grain projectiles. Kind of like a 22 hornet, pretty cool.
    IMR4759 is my standby for reduced loads
  8. Tracer

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    30-06 110 horandy rn fmj, no recoil ,very accurate. fun fun fun.15.3gr I shoot it in 45-70,38, 454 casull,as well.Don't think i'll run out anytime soon....

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    I have never tried Trail Boss but have tried reduced loads in my .303 with 200gr lead bullets over 15+grs of 2400. The recoils is like a 22lr and fun to shoot at 25yds. When the weather cools down enough I will get back to casting and maybe try out the Trail boss in my .45LCs and .480Ruger for some plinking loads.
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    Used TB in the following with good results,
    and most all my big bore pistols inc ACP.