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    Hi guys! I am thinking of training my Lab and Border collie to track. They are already pretty good, just on instinct. The little BC is actually usually in the lead. But I have heard of using deer blood and rewards system to teach them to follow a blood trail on command. Anyone do this before?
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    I would think if you ever get them started on deer,you may loose them.I only know about hounds,but if they get on deer,that is pretty much all they hunt.All dogs know how to hunt/trail.Not all dogs know how to come back on command. sam.

  3. As Samuel stated, they must have recall down solid first. 'Course that holds true no matter what task you train for.
    Is your intent towards game retrieval, or are you wanting to work your way up to something like SAR Certification?
    Let me search around some, I don't recall the title or author of the book I got started with.
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    both these little gals are well trained to recall. The BC works sheep and will drop and come back on a dime. The Lab already hunts and retrieves birds very nicely. I trained both of them in basic obedience and the BC w/ livestock. the Lab needed very little training to retrieve birds; she had great instinct, although she had to learn commands.
    They are both very attached to humans and will not run off. Problem is, they lose interest in tracking. The BC is actually more tenacious on a trail. Ultimately, I think the BC (and pups, as I plan to breed her) would make a great S&R dog. But this seemed like a nice next step as my husband is always asking why I don't teach em to track better.
  5. Storms had me off line for a while, but it didn't take long to find it.
    Welcome to

    Unfortunately I lost my copy in a fire, or would offer to send it. This book helped Merlin and I all the way to his TDX and started on the trail to his SAR Certification.
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    Thanks AC! I'm on it!
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    Don't ya just love this site? Talk about an awesome tool!