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    What do any of you know about those 22lr Training rifles. Romanian etc... Are they based on the mauser design? Going to get one for my boy (his first)
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    I have a H&R 165 Leatherneck training rifle that was used by the jarheads in WW2. Is that the kind you mean? It is a semi auto.

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    Training rifles are used for showing a recruit,who may have never shot a gun,what guns are. Most resemble military guns,so they get familiar with them without shooting a full size rifle cartridge and scaring the bejesus out of them,gives them some time to master technique,(sight picture,trigger pull,etc.) and learn the basics.

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    It is a Bolt action Romanian 22 lr with magazine. Semi auto is too dangerous to let a 6 yo shoot. Plus he will like going through the motions of the bolt.
  5. Big Dog

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    I've got the Romanian M69 training rifle, and it's a good little shooter. The machining is crude, as one would expect from an Eastern Bloc military weapon, but this doesn't affect it's performance. The action is not a Mauser, the bolt locks on the handle like most commercial .22's. The magazine may have feeding problems on these rifles, which is usually fixed by getting a new magazine. Fitting a scope can be problematic, too. The rib on top of the action is normally not grooved, so a 3/8" dove-tail ring will not grip securely. I fixed this by using the Dremel tool to undercut the rib on each side with a shallow groove, then the Tasco .22 rings fit perfectly. With a Simmons 3-9X32 scope, it shoots as well as any commercial .22 rifle, for half the price. I also like the full-size stock, that is similar to that of a Mauser in over-all form. It may be too thick-wristed for a youngster.
    All in all, it's a very good rifle for the money.
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    I agree with Big Dog. They are a really good gun for the money. I went through 3 mags before I found one that worked, but now it works great, and my step-son loves to shoot it.
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    hmmm....the only training rifle i ever saw was the M-14:D
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    Here's a very neat training rifle that I'm keeping a lookout for. It's the M56 Yugoslav .22 made by the same factory that made my M48A Mauser. I don't want to go thru the hassle of ordering from Canada yet, but I'm sure it will show up at our distributors and gunshows soon.