Trannie vs. Muzzie

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  1. john_r

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    Jax, Fla
    It's finally happened. A Canadian dude pretending to be a woman went into a salon to get his dongle waxed. The muslim woman working there refused to touch a "male outside her family."

    Now the dude is suing the salon. What's a liberal judge to do, other than have his head explode? This is like matter vs. antimatter. I can't wait to see the outcome.
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  2. Big Dog

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    If this person has male genitalia, it is a MALE. This nonsense is getting totally out of hand. Used to be, any business had the right to refuse service to anyone. I hope this salon owner wins the suit, and the tranny idiot gets to lose a whopping amount of money.
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  3. PaleHawkDown

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    I'm 100% behind the Muslim chick on this one. A person's rights only extend to the point they begin to interfere with someone else's.
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  4. TheWall

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    Good thing it wasn't a bakery and he wanted to stick it into a cake.
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  5. Ten Man

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    Trannie vs. Muzzie

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other, equals a dozen miscreants not worth the typing time.
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  6. Ten Man

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    That pretty well supports the theory of incestuous inbreeding being the source of their aberrated outlook on life.
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  7. runfiverun

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    I think this is great.
    let them eat themselves.
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  8. john_r

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    Jax, Fla
    Lest anyone think you are being sarcastic, it is very common for Muslims to marry their cousins.
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  9. Big Dog

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    Aha! The European and British Royalty have long done the same.
    So did the Egyptians, even worse they married sisters, even their mothers! The genetic problems are obvious in mummies of the pharoahs.
    And genetic problems abound in European royalty. So they have this in common with the jihadis. No wonder they let the muzzies into their lands.
    They should be carrying on the New Crusades, drive the muzzies back to sandland.
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  10. Ten Man

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    Or rape the others.
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  11. Rambo

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    According to the article, the issue had nothing to do with the Muslim employee. The transgendered individual asked about a service this establishment did not offer. Why the owner mentioned an employee’s religion escapes logic. But then, he’s Canadian. They pronounce boat...boot.
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  12. Laureninnbtx

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    Bwahahaha! Okay, without being TMI..I say she should've done it out of sheer meanness! It's that time of year, bikini season...all I'll say is last week I was reminded of how painful it was!
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  13. A friends wife had a salon that dealt with these matters. Let's just say some of the anecdotes were sobering... This particular case would be tame when hearing some of the personal hygiene horror stories she related.
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  14. Personally I'm disappointed..

    I was kinda hoping that there was going to be a link to a video of a street fight between the two!