Transitional M&P S Prefix serial number. 5 Inch barrel

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    Picked this up a couple weeks ago. Very clean and in good mechanical shape. Timing is dead on. No end shake. Forcing cone is in good shape. No bulging in the barrel. Original finish. Very clean and shiney bore.

    I believe it was made in 46. Serial number is S964XXX, but there is a wide space between the S Prefix and the serial number. Indication that the frame was left over from the old Victory Model days. The space between the S Prefix and the numbers was for the lanyard post. Evidently the machinery hadn't been readjusted just yet.

    As you can see it has only the Made in USA on the right hand side of the frame (instead of the marcus registrada logo which was introduced during the S prefix production run) and the long action (the short action was introduced near the end of the S run as well). As well as the new safety introduced by S&W in December 1944.

    The grips don't have the same serial number but everything else matches. I've been wanting a nice older M&P with a 5" barrel. I was hoping this was a pre-war model, but hey I'll take a transitional S model. I paid $300.00 for it at a local pawn shop.

    I'm buying the 38 K frames when I can. Especially the five screws with the long action. Love the darn things.And for a S&W collector on a modest budget they're still a great deal. Better than the 44 frames/N frames. That's for sure.

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