Transporting Firearms Between States

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    I'd like to know what laws there are regarding transporting firearms accross state lines, ie to Ohio, West Virginia, or New York (NOT NYC). I don't even wanna think about Maryland, but info there would help too. Say I happen to have a pistol or rifle in my truck and feel like driving into Ohio, since it's nearby. Or what about on vacation to New York?
    Would I need to take them down? Would it even be legal that way?
    And another question is whether it would be legal to carry a shotgun in one's backpack while hiking in the Adirondacks, for protection against rabid animals or bears.
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    Check each states individual laws. You can call the visitors bureau in most states and they can set you up with the contact numbers. I've found that the state police in each state is very informative. You could also just type in "gun laws by state" or something and see what comes up. I've seen a print out that has your desired info on it in the past. But I would want to make sure it has been updated.......

  3. 1* is absolutely correctamundo.

    Years ago it was regulated by the ICC, of all agencies, then one day someone woke up and said, "Hey, you idiots....we're not selling these guns....we're just transporting them".

    Since then it has been left up to each state to regulate their own traffic.

    You could always roll up to the first cop you see and say, "Hey, you donut depositories. What's the deal on this van load of semis I got I good to go?"
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    Good sound advice Dale! LOL. But don't mention the fully auto Gahlil behind the seat. They get a little bent out of shape about that stuff!LOL
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    I haven't checked in a while but I think I remebre that you could go the the ATF web site and it will give you most of the gun law info for that state. I used it a while back when I wanted to make sure that Florida honored Georgia's CCW laws.
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    Don't forget. If you are the type of person who doesn't get into trouble with the law in the first place...... A simple traffic stop for a traffic violation doesn't warrant an officer search of your vehicle or person. The 4th give you th right to say no to a search. If that right is violated, the cop deserves the law suit which you will deilver to him.

    An officer cannot ask you to search your say "no"....then he tells you you will be arrested if you don't let him search it. Big no no. In Texas that would be called "Official Opression." It's a big Civil Rights violation. Don't give the guy a reason to search your vehicle or detain you longer than an mere traffic stop. Heck, don't even give him that.

    Easiest way though, follow state and federal laws....
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    I looked into this once. You cannot legally transport a handgun INTO Ohio in your vehicle. They do NOT reciprocate with other states' CCW permits. Ohio is one of the lesser-known sucky states on these issues. (EVERYBODY knows about Mass, Kali, and Maryland, but Ohio and Illinois ain't so hot either...)

    I know you live in AZ, but what is the deal with New Mexico? I am going to have to move either there or Connecticut for work. Connecticut doesn't look too hot...

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    FEG I have been told NM is real easy to get along in as far as gun laws go (so says a friend from another gun forum who lives there). Check the laws out first if you have any doubt. I almost got in trouble carrying a pistol from NC to SC. One of those non 4th amendment viloation unreasonable search and siezure traffic stops at 11:00 pm in the middle of BFE. Notified SHP I had a pistol next to me in car. He asked me if I knew that in SC that you could not transport a pistol in any place but the trunk or glove box. (this is completely opposite from NC which is a plain sight state). He asked me why I had the pistol and explained to me that since I was forthcoming about the weapon and didn't give him any reason to think otherwise of my intentions that he would place the pistol where I wanted it either in the trunk or glove box. He also said that had he been a "ROOKIE" that I might very well be spending the night in jail.
  9. Feg,

    New Mexico is an open carry state, much like Arizona.

    You can carry anywhere in a vehicle as long as the gun is unloaded (having the clip or magazine nearby is OK, I take it).

    They passed a concealled carry permit law a few years back but I heard it was once on legal hold (some dems were pushing for a wording of the law to allow counties and municipalities to opt out of the law).

    The have recip agreements, on CCW, with only Indiana, Indiana,Michigan, Montana and Utah, unless they have changed the law. Recip with Idaho is iffy.

    Although they considered themselves an open carry state I'm not sure how it applies to public display and carry.

    However here are a couple of links that might be of help to you:

    Attorney General's Office:


    Most states can access their AG's office by using the first link and just substitute the state code.

    I realize this might not be of much help but, to be honest, to really feel comfortable knowing any state's gun laws a person almost needs to be a lawyer.

    Even cops interpret laws differently, at times and they gotta be right until you prove them wrong.

    Keep in mind enforcement of the laws also require they show a level of intent to violate that law.
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    Go to
    They have extensive information on ccw and transportation & stuff.
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    Thanks guys. If I understand it all correctly (combo of and the actual statutes from New Mexico's home page), NM is exactly like AZ, but municipalities can "opt out." The State Constitution appears to guarantee open carry, and an actual statute explicitly allows open and vehicular carry. Santa Fe is trying to "opt out" (big surprise there!), but they can't do anything about open carry! Do gun-grabbers EVER realize how stupid they look?