Tribute to G&G.Com members who are LEO & Firemen

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. Oxford

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    Tribute to G&G.Com members who are LEO, Firemen, & EMT's

    It's long overdue for me to thank those policemen, firemen, emergency medical technicians, both active and retired, and all their support staffs who are members of, or are guests of, Guns&Game.Com for their efforts to "keep the peace" and help "keep us safe" especially during the year since 9/11/01.

    Wish I could shake your hands and say "thank you" personally. I tip my hat to you out of my highest respect.

    Wish I could identify more of you out there. So far I've learned that Oneastrix and Dale are in the above categories. I regret that I'm not sure who the others are. Would the other people in those categories please stand up and be identified so we can thank you properly?

    My most sincere thanks goes to you for your hard work and dedication.

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Amen guys, nothing but the best for you and yours! :)

  3. PAPA G

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    they do a dyno-mite job every day, and the EMS people too. thanks to all of you.
  4. jerry

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    Keep up the good work, were counting on you.
  5. oneastrix

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    Colt45 is ex-LEO, and Firemedic, there's a guy who goes by David who PM'd me way back, he's a firefighter here in TX somewhere.
  6. Oxford

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    Then my thanks goes to all of you in the categories mentioned in my first post in this thread.

    Thanks for a job well done. You are appreciated.

  7. Chris

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    Yes, time to thank each of them, we never know how lucky we truly are sometimes.