trigger is loose on my marlin model 88

Discussion in 'Marlin' started by Link23, Aug 28, 2010.

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    i know i know you are going to hate this but here is the story, i got woken up today by my friend saying lets go to a yard sale, okay i said 3 or 4 yard sales later nothing but stupid girly fluffy things, and then it happend i saw a rifle in the corner of a yard i thought it was a high powerd rifle i look and its a marlin model 88 with a $10 price tag! so i look it over the wood is BEAUTIFUL and no nicks cracks or dings i asked if they knew anything about it they said it was broken and they didnt know what was wrong with it. so they said give us 5 i did and now im the owner of a Beautiful model 88, took it home before work and took it out of the stock the bolt and everything seems fine and strong, but the trigger is just lazzily laying there and there is no pressure, there is no safety on it could that be the problem? can someone help me out?

    here is the gun

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  2. Sorry, im not to familure with those. Have you torn it apart yet to see if there is any thing broken in the Trigger assembly?
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    Scruu you, stealing a gun for $5.00-you deserve a loose trigger! :D Seriously though, can you post some pics of the action out of the stock, particularly the trigger area?
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    You are probably missing/broken the springs that actuate the trigger...we won't know until we can see the guts :)

    Parts listing...
    Numrich Gun Parts Corp. - The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Parts and Accessories

    Do a search on here for Marlin 88, I think Big Dog or someone has one and posted a disassembly thread.

    Next, hit up & Rimfire Central, lost of bolt-action threads there as well.

    The running joke was the old Marlin Bolt-actions used a Bent Nail as a trigger...
    which really wasn't far off...LOL...very simple trigger design, but it was meant to make it reliable.

    Post some guts pics, and we can help more :)

    You'll probably see a broken spring, or missing spot where a spring should be when you open it.
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    yeah here are some more pics (minus the feed tube) i dont know if im missing a spring or not all the schematics i have found are REALLY small and i cant really see anything in there the bolt and recoil springs and ejectors all seem great, it seems like im missing a bridge piece from the trigger to the sear

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