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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by knabenhaft, Jun 30, 2002.

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    Just got back from the range. The pistol is very accurate. The problem I am experiencing is with the trigger. Sometimes when I pull the trigger it would not release the hammer to strike the firing pin. I am thinking this is due to the trigger spring. The spring looks out of shape. Does anyone else have any idea what would cause this?

    I have attached a pic of the spring so you can see what I am talking about.

    I was using yugo surplus ammo that I got from SOG. Some of these were misfires. I could see that the firing pin dented the primer. Out of 20 shots 6 would not fire. Just a FYI for anyone looking to buy some.

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    What Pistol, what caliber?

    What pistol? You didn't happen to mention...

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    Ooops, My bad.

    The pistol is a CZ-52. How could I miss that?
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    not familiar with these guns but would definitely say that spring has been sprung,check with [email protected] for a new one.also,cheaper than dirt sells the s&b ammo for those pretty cheap and it's non-corrosive.good luck!