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  1. I bought a Hungarian M44 this morning and went out shooting all day. The Hungarian is in pretty good condition with a few dings and in need of some touch up blueing but the trigger pull is horrible. My Russian M44 is no where near this hard to pull and the 91/30 is almost a hair trigger in comparison. Can anything be done to lighten the pull a little? I know military guns dont have match grade triggers but this one is the hardest pull I've ever seen. I dont want to start tweaking the spring and bust it so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Did you clean the trigger before you went shooting? I finds this helps. I tried to lighten up a trigger once and took it too far. So if you decide to do this please be careful.


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    try this, make some shims from a pop can and put under the trigger spring-bolt stop. I made mine like little "u's" from aluminum siding.


    I try for the best pull, then cock the gun while empty, and pump it on the butt with a rubber mallet, HARD! SEVERAL TIMES TO MAKE SURE IT CAN'T BE "JARRED" INTO FIRING.

    ALSO, make sure the trigger pin is well lubed.
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    try using a round file on the "spring" portion of the sear. reinstall and test the pull often so as not to overdo it. this brought my 91/30 trigger to an est. 4 - 4 1/2 lbs.still haven't found a way to take up the slack in the bolt/receiver fit,though. the first part of the trigger pull actually pulls the bolt down to the bottom of the receiver before the sear starts releasing.also use anti-sieze or trigger slick on sear surface and trigger contact points. hope this helps.
  5. Thanks Toolman. I'll try that. I dont want to mess with the sear or do any filing on that part because that isnt really the problem. Its just the spring itself is stiff. Its hard to pull the trigger even with the bolt removed because of the spring.
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    forgot to mention,i filed mine on the sides of the spring part and just tapered it down from the wide part towards the sear-just made it skinnier,then reblued it "just 'cause".you can also use a needle file or stone on the underside of the trigger where it contacts the sear spring to round and polish all of the contact points to smooth it up even more.
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