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  1. jason1965

    jason1965 mil-surp collector Forum Contributor

    Please forgive my ignorance,but could someone explain to me what is meant by "trolling"?
    I know that I have been a member for awhile,and can't believe that I have to ask this,but I really don't know what it means.

    I'll even give myself one of these::smashfreakB:
  2. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    Trolling is when an individual posts something for the sole purpose of starting trouble/inflaming others.

  3. jason1965

    jason1965 mil-surp collector Forum Contributor

    Thanks Midas,I'll be sure not to do it.:)
  4. I did'nt know either. I thought it was away some people fish. I was'nt go'in to ask cause I thought yall mite thank I was stupid...A.H
  5. jason1965

    jason1965 mil-surp collector Forum Contributor

    Hi Mike,
    I must say I thought awhile before posting the question.
    But you know what they say:The dumbest question is the one not asked.
  6. Alan Duke

    Alan Duke G&G Evangelist

    Very true Jason. There is a catch somtimes though. Some trolls are good at this. They will join a site or just look at the posts and get a "read" on the people there. Then they will throw issues out there to tear apart the members.......seperate and concur.....this is usually done on a small part of the original discusion that may not even have any thing to do with it.

    Know your enemy.
  7. Mynameisbullet

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    This video should clear things up for you.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Internet Bridge Troll[/ame]
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  8. SwedeSteve

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    A troll is a troll! Google troll !!
  9. it can be fun given the right venue, and if you do it in a manner thats just meant as poking fun, but some folks get out and out mean and way to personal

    i will occasionally crack a joke or two at someones behalf on here, but i expect the same from them and if its funny then rock on
  10. Well,

    trolling is also always being on the lookout for a post by a certain member for the purpose of making your own post to make the certain member look bad, ill informed, wrong, etc.

    Most trollers make themselves come off worse as they attack but seldom, if ever, come up with any useful observations of their own.
  11. Here's a Troll.

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  12. Sigh I thought I'd shot all them darned trolls do I need more ammo now??? Darn it!
  13. Earl Easter

    Earl Easter Pheasant Hunter Forum Contributor

    And i figured a troll was a little ugly feller that lived under a spooky bridge
    that scared every one that was crossing over.....LOL....EZ best buy some more ammo and go get this one, i heard they taste like chicken....LOL......

    Hey i wasn't sure neither.i figured it was someone that just was lurkin around....
  14. Windwalker

    Windwalker G&G Newbie

    Yeah, you better get more ammo.LOL
  15. CalifgirlinOk

    CalifgirlinOk G&G Evangelist

    A troll is someone who needs to get a life.
  16. Paul T

    Paul T G&G Newbie

    ^has her own trolling motor
  17. DWFan

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  18. jason1965

    jason1965 mil-surp collector Forum Contributor

    That's not a Troll,that's a Wish Nick. I used to play with the one my sister had when I was a kid in the early seventies.I used to tie a rope around it's neck and swing it around over my head and then launch it.You could get some great altitude if you tied there hair back as well.