Trump refuses Minnesota's request for federal disaster relief funds to rebuild after riots

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Cyrano, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Cyrano

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    New York
    In effect, the President said, "You could have stopped those riots butt-cold if you had told the police to put a stop to them, or if you had sent the National Guard in to maintain order and assist the police. You didn't. You made a political calculation that turned out wrong, and now you want the federal government to bail you out? Bed. Made. Lie."

    As the article notes, this is not a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado over which a mayor or a governor have no control. The Dynamic Dimwits chose not to act, choosing to "Stand aside, give 'em room." They don't deserve to be rewarded for their cowardice.
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  2. Huey Rider

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  3. jwrauch

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    Awesome !!!! Actions , or inactions, have consequences !!
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  4. Big Dog

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    Exactly. It would be a crime to use public funds to reward these dumbocrats for their incompetence.
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  5. Fishhead

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    Good. Good for him!

    We are a nation of 50 semi-autonomous states (+DC) unified under a common federal umbrella. Fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc., we are obligated to assist one another - for the common good.

    However, if you look the other way while a small number of citizens of your state crap where all of you eat, that is NOT the citizens of Idaho's problem. Or New Mexico's. Or Wisconsin's. Or Florida's. Or Vermont's. Or anywhere else. You get the picture.

    I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I'm sorry you were stupid and let the mob rule. I'm sorry you did not protect your constituents. I'm sorry you did not act when you should have. I am sorry for the trouble some in your state finds themselves in. But I am not responsible. You allowed this mess to happen. The citizens of Minnesota elected you to run the state. Now they need to decide if they have buyers remorse or not.

    Either way, the old adage still holds: You break it. You bought it!
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  6. Txhillbilly

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    Way to go,Trump!!!
    Let all these Liberal Governor's and mayor's eat crow for letting these riots happen in the first place. Hopefully,all of these people will not get re-elected when the time comes.
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  7. Jaison

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    This is how every non-leftist state should treat Virginia if we screw up the next election. A reckoning needs to come to the liberals sooner rather than later.

    If right thinking people lie down in the upcoming election, we deserve the disdain we earn.
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  8. jerry

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    Good. I sat in my last interview for the job I have now and flat out ended my upward mobility by refusing to be re located to Minneapolis. I stand by my decision. The brown nosed progressives can have it.

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  9. OneShotKill

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    If Trump were go declare this a disaster, then every other burned city would do the same. How much money do we really have left? The answer is none, every new dime is borrowed and our kids and grandkids and now even great grandkids are stuck with this debt. And then we would want to burn our town so we could get some new buildings too, right? If either meets the definition of a disaster or it does not and Trump should certainly not expand it because of some group whose methods are to burn things down. Good move Mr, President.
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  10. Junction15

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    Minnesota will eventually get the money. But for now it's good to see those mayors "stew in their own juices".
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  11. Zebraranger

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    Hell, I hope not.
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  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    I certainly hope you are wrong. If Trump wins in November, Minneapolis will certainly wind up sucking hind tit. If Clueless Joe and whatever waste of space win, Minneapolis will be inundated with federal money they in no way deserve.
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  13. DWFan

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    Make no mistake. It wasn't fear that made these Governors and Mayors let these people run wild.
    It was because they are on their side.
  14. Rave

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    One plus 1,000. :usa2:;):eek:
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  15. Rave

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    Might as well be. :usa2:;):rolleyes:
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  16. Big Dog

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    Yep, criminals protect their own.
  17. Junction15

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    Yeah it is unfortunate but those mayors will make sure nothing goes right so they get into a bigger mess. Then at some point someone will think to rename it "historical enrichment" money or some other foolish name. Congress will forget about the rioting, feel pity for them, and give them bundles of money. Just under a different name. Eventually they will get the money. Folks like that always do.
  18. shop tom

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    Beat me to it.
  19. blue fox

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    They will just call it "inner city revitalization" :rolleyes: