Trump wants federal defunding for the states letting the violence happen

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    New York
    Invoke the Insurrection act, read the rioters (the nighttime looters and arsonists wannabe cop-killers) the Riot Act, and then commence firing. Shoot first and ask your questions of the corpses. Do that a couple of times and it would either break the insurrectionists or start them shooting back, which would result in a civil war in which if the cops and the National Guard did not break the rioters, Joe and Jane Citizen would.
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    Good! I particularly don't want states that condone lawless violence to benefit from any funding.

    For that matter I would prefer not to be yoked together with any of those states allowing lawlessness for they are inferior and not really America, at least the America I've known.
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    ties, either. So what does that leave?

    The will of the people by bringing it forward.
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    “He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York,” Cuomo said.

    He is Commander & Chief of the armed he does have an army.
    And to top that off counting all of the NRA & most of the gun owners in the US he has the largest ARMY in the world. So if it has to come to that, I think you Mr. Cuomo will be terribly out gunned. LOL
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    Don't know if I agree with more laws. IMO, we already have more than we need. Enforcing the ones already on the books would avoid any new laws. Maybe, protection for someone who hits a rioter while trying to drive away, but even that could be avoided by enforcing laws against blocking streets.
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