Trump's Platinum Plan for Black Americans

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  1. Cyrano

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    New York
    Part of me is cynical about this. He is offering 12% of the American people preferntial loans, treatments, breaks, and deals. What I would like to know is why he is putting this deal out there. Is it only because he knows he needs the black vote, or is he really trying to do good?

    And if he is trying to do good, why is he restricting it only to black-owned businesses and African-Americans? They are not the only businesses and people who are in trouble at this time in our history.

    And one thing more. The minority citizens of America have been given incredible breaks over the last sixty years. Preferential treatment in public housing. Preferential treatment in admission to colleges and universities. Preferential treatment in promotions. Preferential loans. Preference in commercial contract bidding. Preference in hiring in certain trades. Requirements that a certain percentage of people on a construction job be minorities. Now, Trump proposes to expand this even farther.

    When are the Caucasians, who are expected to pay for this with tax dollars and being shoved aside, going to say, "Enough!"? When are they going to decide that they have had enough of being kicked in the chops and expected to smile about it? When are they going to say, "There is a difference between equal and fair treatment, and preferential treatment based on ethnicity." One is fine, the other is not.

    Given the way the black community has been behaving for the past year, if the current discontent erupts into a civil war I suspect there is going to be a racial component to it. It won't be pretty.
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  2. mitchr

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    If true, he's trying to buy votes with something they are already getting anyway.:rolleyes:

  3. Jaison

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    From a purely clinical, Vulcan perspective, an investment in that 12% may generate enough tax revenue and associated business development to justify.

    The immediate, gut feeling, however, is simple pandering.

    We can’t ‘blame’ all the rioting and malfeasance on black folks, though. There is a good percentage of whites participating- if not stoking - these literal and figurative fires.

    Personally? Spiritual problems can’t be fixed with money. All the patriotism or money in the world won’t fix a broken soul.
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  4. BigEd63

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    It's pandering at this point. Roughly 55 years of the welfare plantation program called "The Great Society"program that destroyed low income families white and black alike.
    It might help some but remember the subprime loans and what that did?
    No the basic moral and spiritual fabric of those communities has to be mended.
  5. TXplt

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    I look at it as enabling. Enabling bad behavior which keeps people trapped and resentful. Never achieving their potential in life.
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  6. rando

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    From what I see in Baltimore City alone the businesses have either been rioted and burned or robbed and pilfered during the last few months. I have done work in a few of these corner grocery stores there before and not fun or safe. Honestly I am white and surrounded by all black folks and many look at me like they want to kill me. So this is the reason why there are like very few white stores or businesses there. The ones I have worked in are either black owned or mostly Korean. They will put up with the abuse just to hopefully make enough money to survive and not be killed. Stores are like being in a vault and bullet proof glass and metal doors with multiple locks they hide behind. This is no life. Blacks are the only ones along with the Koreans that would attempt a store, carryout or whatever there. It has always been difficult for a white man to get a business loan. You have much better chances for sure getting a loan if you are recently new into this country and have no line of credit or loan companies have no background past on you. Go figure. There has always be preferential treatment on loans for blacks and jobs.
  7. Huey Rider

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    Wife wanted to get a small business loan a number of years ago but she was not a black female so no go. She wrote our “esteemed” senator Stabenow who all but said You’re not black so you’re on your own.
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  8. Big Dog

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    Once, I tried to get unemployment for the short period between starting votech school and getting my first GI Bill payment. But, I wasn't black. And, never let them know you'll be getting a payment in a few months. I learned about those "benefits" we all pay into but cannot ever hope to make use of. We white workers are just cash cows for the minority giveaway programs.
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  9. Rocky7

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    I think Trump was talking about a hand up - as opposed to a hand out. Black cities/neighbourhoods suck up a lot of cash in programs, welfare and law enforcement. If this can slow the bleeding, he should be given the benefit of the doubt. Trump doesn't strike me like a vote buyer.
  10. Cyrano

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    New York
    Rocky, if Trump is not buying votes, then why are all the programs he talks about in his Platinum Plan not available to everyone? They are ONLY available to blacks. Not to Hispanics, not to Asians, not to women-owned businesses, not to Native Americans, not to senior citizens, not to the queer crowd, and certainly not to Caucasians. I'm sorry, but I can't put any other interpretation on it than what I did.
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