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    As a former teacher and school administrator I've "been there and done that" in public schools. Here's something I found which says a lot about the expectations of teachers in today's schools.


    Teaching job

    21st Century Teacher [an applicant addressing the
    school administration]

    Let me see if I've got this right. You want me to go into that room
    with all those kids and fill their every waking moment with a love for
    learning. Not only that, I'm supposed to instill a sense of pride in
    their ethnicity, behaviorally modify disruptive behavior, observe them
    for signs of abuse and T-shirt messages.

    I am to fight the war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, check
    their backpacks for guns and raise their self-esteem. I'm to teach them
    patriotism, good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play, how and
    where to register to vote, how to balance a checkbook and how to
    apply for a job.

    I am to check their heads occasionally for lice, maintain a safe
    environment, recognize signs of potential antisocial behavior, offer
    advice, write letters of recommendation for student employment and
    scholarships, encourage respect for the cultural diversity of others,
    and, oh yeah, always make sure that I give the girls in my class 50
    percent of my attention.

    I'm required by my contract to be working on my own time summer and
    evenings at my own expense toward advance certification and a master's
    degree; and after school, I am to attend committee and faculty meetings
    and participate in staff development training to maintain my employment

    I am to be a paragon of virtue larger than life, such that my very
    presence will awe my students into being obedient and respectful of
    authority. I am to pledge allegiance to supporting family values, a
    return to the basics, and to my current administration. I am to
    incorporate technology into the learning, and monitor all Web sites
    while providing a personal relationship with each student. I am to
    decide who might be potentially dangerous and/or liable to commit
    crimes in school or who is possibly being abused, and I can be sent
    to jail for not mentioning these suspicions.

    I am to make sure all students pass the state and federally mandated
    testing and all classes, whether or not they attend school on a regular
    basis or complete any of the work assigned. Plus, I am expected to make
    sure that all of the students with handicaps are guaranteed a free and
    equal education, regardless of their mental or physical handicap.

    I am to communicate frequently with each student's parent by letter,
    phone, newsletter and grade card. I'm to do all of this with just a
    piece of chalk [dry marker], a computer, a few books, a bulletin
    board, a 45 minute more-or-less plan time and a big smile, all on a
    starting salary that qualifies my family for food stamps in many states.

    Is that all?

    And you want me to do all of this and expect me NOT TO PRAY?;) ;)


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    Well said, thanks Oxford.
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    Wow - I here that every night. The ol lady loves to teach but the extra "parenting" she has to do is insane.
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    I hear it from my teaching friends as well. It is so frustrating that our kids aren't getting a decent education anymore because some parents won't accept responsibility for their children's welfare and disciplining. The state really wants to take over our families. By contrast, you just don't have these kind of complaints in private schools. For some reason, the parents that pay for the education there understand that their kids are at school for an academic education.
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    Regarding all the extra "parenting" and additional work involved...the pay received is not what got many teachers into the field. Otherwise they would have entered most any other field of work.
  8. Ben P--It takes a village to raise a child--Broomhilary Klinton.
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    I don't think this is relevant but what the hey, Tellsackett, man it's good to see another Louie L'amour fan out there!
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    I tend to disagree with the notion that teachers are getting more intrusive and have more responsibilites with regard to students family life. When I was in school, teachers were tanning hides with paddles. One time my teacher came to my house to discuss me with my parents. Those kind of things dont happen any more because people are terrified of having any one discipline their kids...including themselves. I think the teachers of today are much more stand-offish than they were. The fear of lawsuits and getting fired has had a dampening effect.
  11. Lenny--good point. Teachers are way under paid for the crap they put up with. And at the same time they are teachers not parents of the students. Parents do your job or the state will.
  12. Ok I am not finished yet. When my son was growing up through the school system.--We had to buy two of everything so the welfare kids could have some school supplies. I feel bad for parents who can't afford school supplies, but we lived borderlined also. I guess what am trying to say It's hard enough to raise a family without raising someone elses. Am I wrong??
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    I don't think your wrong at all alan,I don't have kids,but I still have to pay to send everyone else's little mush heads to school. I taught self-defense classes to kids,about half public schooled,and half home schooled. The home schoolers were by far the better students.
  14. Thanks wes-- I don't mind helping another human being out. But don't expect it out of me.
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    well im old, but back in the 50's the teacher would give us a teaching of whoop ***, these liberal idiots have taken over our schools, and we produce children with no morals, no respect for authority, I say we give them a week at Paris island, and a little DI training, that would turn thier heads around, Sempre fi