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Trying to decide between Glock & HK...

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THe G30 & USPc 45 are w/in mm's of each other. G30 is capable of fitting standard capacity 14 rounders from G21 and is compact enough to throw in a backpack & go.
The USPc 45 has frame mounted safety/decocker but only 8 rounds per mag.
I will be using this thing as my vacation / hiking / trail / vacation gun. Which will take more abuse & still function reliably? What do you guys suggest?
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Glock is rugged as heck. you can get it dirty while hiking etc. I carry mine on duty as well as camping etc.
Don't forget you live in Kalifornia.
ok, I live in CA....:confused: Both the guns I'm looking at are on the state's approved list, so that's not an issue...Please elaborate.:hmmm:
O.K. --It was a JOKE.
a...JOKE? in California? Obviously, you weren't born here :D

ooops...just noticed you're in TX!:right:
You will see a lot of posters makeing cracks about the PRK. At least the the gun laws in Texas are not that screwed up yet. You noticed I typed YET. Actually I was born in New Mexico, but have lived here for about 35 years.
My agency recently tested the HK vs the Glock (in .40) for our new issue handgun. I was able to participate in both tests. My impression was the HK was the hands down winner. Trigger was better, accuracy was better, and reliability was better. The HK also just felt better built. Also the new style Glock frame doesn't impress me with the finger grooves. They don't fit my hand at all. My 23 is an older pre groove model. Take a hard look at the HK, I think you'll like it better.

I've shot both and owned a USP. They are both light weight and great for throwing in a ruck. I personally LOVE the USP, it is an awesome weapon. I was shooting an IDPA match with one of my buddy's Glocks. I got to the second station and went to fire, the front sight was missing. We had to stop the match and everybody was in the grass looking for this idy-bidy black thing with a white dot on it. Since then I really haven't had faith in Glocks (everybody goes off their experiences). The Safety/decocker on the USP makes ALL the difference in the world, it's awesome. Well, that's my opinion. Good Shooting!
Never really heard much bad about either one. I have a Glock (9mm) and never really had any problems with it. I am deeply in love though with the H&K USP 45. I love the fit, feel, look, and everything else about that gun. Never had the chance to fire one yet...It is on the "to buy" list once I save up about $750 in my handgun savings....Tough call. I would go with what fits you best, and I would lean toward the H&K.
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