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Trying to decide on a compact

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Cyclops, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. Cyclops

    Cyclops G&G Newbie

    I'm trying to decide between a G30, G36 & a G26. I really like the 45acp & the 9mm, so at least I've narrowed the choices to guns in those calibers.
    Of the 3, which is the one to have? I have a couple of other compact 9's, no 45's yet. If I get a 45, which is the better shooter between the 30 & 36? Does the 26 lose too much in performance because of the shorter barrel?
  2. If you're serious about one of these, the G30 is the way to go. That is, of course, if it fits your hand. It's the widest of the three, and, IMHO, the most accurate. These guns are all limited to 10 rounds or less. Have you considered the 19 or 23? I carry the latter, daily, and my wife carries the former...

  3. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    I carry a 27 (subcompact.40) my bud carries the next size up. As for performance both seem to have the same range with no change in performance, mine is like 1/2" shorter and barrel jump is alittle more, but they both poke holes at 25 yards in the black all day long. Hope this is of help? I know you are looking at different calibers but as for carry i like my "sporty shorty"
  4. Tonto,
    The 27 is a great little gun. I carry mine as a backup to my 23 (that's what your buddy has). Both fine weapons. I wouldn't carry anything else, but those weren't the guns in question. Of those three, the 30 would be my choice. ;)
  5. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    My wife has the 26...Nice little sidearm...I'll buy one for myself one fine day