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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, May 17, 2008.

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    I have in my care a revolver a friend inherited from his grandfather, It is a WWII era revolver.

    6 shot; calipers read in the neighborhood of 8mm-.32
    Cyl is 1.576 long
    4" BBL. The barrel is pinned on & there is considerable play
    The rest of the gun is very tight. I did advise Josh probably best not to worry about trying to shoot it. The barrel thing just kind of freaks me out.

    The logo on the grip is drawn out the best I could with paint. Could this be CZ? Any info would be cool. I actually have several other long guns he has too. I'm going to give them a good cleaning for him.

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    You have an ORBEA pistol , Made in Spain... They made early Colt and Smith & Wesson Copies....
    It appears to be a copy of the S&W .32 Regulation...
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  3. rfc357

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    Makes a nice paperweight. I would not shoot it. The term "pot metal" should have been invented for these guns.
  4. Don't clean them. If they have any value, collectors will not want them to be cleaned.
  5. good god

    i dont know, looks like a smith and wesson copy
  6. Ive always been told its ok to clean the bore. But I cant say that is true or not. BUT do not clean the outside. Just give it a good coat of oil and wipe it down. I dont know if this has collector value or not.
  7. jerry

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    Thanks all
    Iv'e just oiled the outside down with LSA. I'll leave it be.