Trying to mend fences with the NRA, McCain attacks Democrats

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    Many 'gunnies' at the group's conference remain suspicious that he will not advance their agenda; some predict the Republican will not win an endorsement.

    LOUISVILLE, KY. -- Sen. John McCain, working to mend a frayed relationship with some of the Republican Party's most dedicated foot soldiers, went to the National Rifle Assn.'s annual conference here Friday to assure wary members he is a friend of the 2nd Amendment.[/color]

    The Arizona senator and presumptive GOP presidential nominee may still have some work to do.[/color]

    Trying to mend fences with the NRA, McCain attacks Democrats - Los Angeles Times
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    Well Bush didn't do jack-crap to advance our agenda and the NRA still endorsed him. OK, well, he had the AW ban sunset, but that's about it.

  3. We really don't know what McCain will do if elected. He has shown both sides of his two faces.
    We DO know what will happen if hitlery or obama is elected.
    It is just another case of voting for the lesser of the evils.
    McCain right now is joining hands with some of the worst antigunners trying to stop "gun show loopholes". People who don't buy at gun shows think that you can buy any type of a gun there with no paper work. That is a bunch of crap.
    What they ARE trying to do is stop private sales of long guns. Private sales of handguns has already been stopped. I can't even buy my brother a handgun and give it to him for his birthday.
  4. I think Bob Barr would be a lot better than McCain but he hasn't a snowballs chance. Every time McCain starts to woo me over he turns around and does something else that pushes me away. I've said it before And I'll say it again. I am tired of voting against the lesser of two evils.
  5. I too am tired of voting for the lesser of the evils, but this is not the time to vote to "make a point". I think that is what defeated Dole.
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    Before you condemn McCain as not supporting our positions as gun owners, read the 3 page interview with him in this month's American Rifleman. He got asked hardball questions by Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox, and gave solid answers with no quibbling or prevarication. He's not in favor of more gun laws; he believes the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right, not some bizarre colelctrive right, and does not believe gun bans work. He also spoke out hard against laws that target gun owners and not criminals, and essentially told the UN to go pee up a rope as far as trying to restrict American gun rights. His position has always been pro-gun. He does not speak out of both sides of his mouth, unlike Slick Hillary and Obfuscatin' Obama.
  7. I don't believe anything any of them say. I look at what they do/have done. They will SAY anything to get a vote. Right now McCain is working with antigun people to get an antigun law passed. He is not saying it, he is DOING it.