Tulsa Police officers were shot

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    This particular book, and I wish I could remember the name, mostly talked about techniques that are still used today, as well as those that mostly dropped off for one reason or another.

    "Crazy eyes" wasn't one of them, but phrenology was, as were optograms, forehead patterns, race theory, early attempts at truth-detection, and even a theory that male murderers tend to have larger-than-average wang-doodles. What made that stand out in my mind is that this theory is actually ancient and traces back to ancient Greek texts and had been revived in the Renaissance before gaining traction again in the 1800s.

    As a side note, Mark Twain was interested in forensics and some of his work actually led to fingerprint analysis being used as standard evidence.
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    This is why horse thieves were hanged in the Old West. If you were living or working out in the boonies, you might not live without your horse and the gear you carried on it.
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    Sometimes, "frontier law" can be the best and most efficient method. Nuff said.
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    You’re nuts! Oklahoma hasn’t used the electric chair since 1966! I suggest to do some research before you get on here projecting misinformation, lies, and half truths. Your fomenting arguments and hostility! I suggest you find another site to spout your venom. It’s not accepted here, nor welcome here. I’m an “Okie” and have forgotten more than you’ll ever know about this state! :mad:
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  6. oops, "the gurney" these days

    "the chair" used to be just synonymous with getting your clock stopped for good with any method by the state unless you believe in reincarnation as I do
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  7. the army post is really bad with its no-gun zone policies, remember Fort Hood?
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    You can carry CCW on Selfridge ANG as long as you a state permit.
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    I am not even going to reply to his post because I would likely get banned.
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    Thread drifting for a minute: It used to be be "getting your neck stretched" or "getting dropped through the gallows floor" were the euphemisms for "being executed." Then it was "getting the hot seat," "getting fried," or "getting plugged in" when electrocution became method used by most states. Today, it's "getting the needle" or "the hot shot" now that most states are using the terribly inefficient three drug cocktail. (Parenthetically, I have wondered for a long time why the states and the Feds don't simply use either a 100% pure shot of heroin or nicotine to do the job. I've read in a number of sources that pure nicotine kills almost instantly. And police officers on the narco detail have many stories of finding junkies who became a liability to dealers or a threat to the suppliers who were found dead from a "hot shot" of the pure drug. Allegedly, it hits so fast the addict doesn't even have time to pull the needle out of the vein.) If you are going to use the allegedly humane method of the needle, use something that will kill so quickly the condemned won't know what hit 'em.
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    Cranially injected .45 ACP.
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    Happened again.

    Two Arizona Troopers were ambushed in their vehicle.

    Two suspects pulled up next to them and opened fire with an AK Pistol. The Troopers bailed out of their car. One of the suspects was captured, 17 year old Luis German Espinoza Acuña. and the other suspect drove off and escaped.

    Nobody, either the Troopers or the suspects were hit.

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    Life without parole. Pity we can't turn Acuna into an organ donor.
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    Too bad he was captured and not DOA. Now us taxpayers will have to pay for prosecuting and supporting him in jail.
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    Warm up the wood chipper.
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