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  1. olcop

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    I've always been told that the Turk Mausers were the best available, most reliable and the most wanted
    Recently I've been seeing info that indicates otherwise----can you experts tell me, what would be wrong about a Turk Mauser?
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  2. rando

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    I collect Mauser Rifles and have for many years. There are a few other members that collect them also. You will hear all kinds of stories about Turk Mauser rifles. Some claim they are less desirable and weaker receiver's and this and that. I think its all BS. I have however noticed years ago when Mauser rifles were plentiful and people could be choosy that the least sought after were the Turks and the Spanish Mausers. Turks were going for only 1/3 to 1/2 as much as others. I would not let that stop me from buying them. The M38 is a Large ring Mauser receiver with small ring threads. I really liked that. Reason was back years ago when plentiful I would buy Turk Receivers to make deer rifles out of. There was a bigger selection of calibers for the small ring barrels. I have took Turk receivers and built deer rifles on them in 257 Roberts, 7.62x39, 2506, 3006, 308 and others. i never had any issues. Dont let anyone tell you the receivers are weaker or cheaper metal or heat treating. Its all say so BS.

  3. ChaZam

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    I still have 2 of the Model 38 Turkish Mausers. All told I've probably had about a dozen of them over the years, mainly the large ring, but also had 3 small ring Turk Mausers. As rando mentioned the Model 38 is a large ring Mauser that uses a small shank barrel like the small shank 1893 Mausers, the 1895 Mausers, or the 1896 Swede Mauser. I too have heard internet BS saying that the Turks had the Mausers made with substandard steel, but I've never seen any official source that Mauser or any of their contractors made a firearm with inferior specs just for the Turks. And in the late 1800's the Mauser company was constantly improving and upgrading their firearms and offering nations all around the world the best product they could make. People get all hyped up though about "matching numbers" and very few Turks will have matching numbers after being rearsenaled. I've never found that to be a detriment for the functionality of any of them I've owned. They all passed a go/nogo headspace check, they load ammo from the magazine to the chamber, fire, extract, and eject, decent trigger, functional safety, and some of them have been pretty doggone accurate. I would say the the armorers that rebuilt them knew what they were doing. I would buy another one if one came up on my radar screen at a decent price.
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  4. rando

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    Rex I would grab more if I could even find any at at a decent price. I think it was Centerfire Systems that recently had complete Turk barreled actions a few weeks ago. The were graded in three condition categories. Sold for $129, $149 and other was like $175. I told JR in a PM and he bought one. Just the complete actions and they sold out quick.
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  5. jwrauch

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    Hey Rando, the Turk barreled action is in serviceable condition with a shootable bore and Ok headspace. Just put it in a 96 Swede stock after doing a little minor inletting. Turned out pretty well. A few pictures. IMG_1547.JPG IMG_1548.JPG IMG_1549.JPG
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  6. jwrauch

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    Wish I had bought a couple more of the $129 barreled actions. Oh well !!!
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  7. rando

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    Looks good JR. Looks like you had to do some fitting on the top wood handguard for the sight. I had to do the same on a few. Good Job!
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  8. jerry

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    Nice guns, I have a hard time with that country though :(

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  9. I bought a handful of them back when I had a C&R; they were CAI specials...they are complete some nicer than others..I bought them to mess with; rebarrel, restock, restore all are 8x57....I really like what jwrauch did fitting one into a swede stock...nicely done! IIRC, 3 of mine are the small ring and two are LR but with SR receivers..meaning the bbl is LR outside diameter but threaded to the SR dimensions..got to get in the storage area and look at em again...
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  10. jwrauch

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    I've built a couple nice sporters on 98 Turk actions.
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  11. jwrauch

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    The 93 and 95 small rings are all German made. Not sure if or when the Turks began building their own or if the Ankara arsenal just refurbished German and Czech made rifles.
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  12. jwrauch

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    Apparently the Kkale Turks may have used Turk made receivers .
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