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    Bought a turk at a gunshow and was wondering if the coloring of the stock (dark brown) is the natural color? If not I was thinking of cleaning the stock up. Does anyone have a good method of doing this? I am not looking to refinish the stock just get the original coloring back.

    Also, has anyone used the laser bore sighter offered by laserlyte? Saw a ad for one and was thinking of getting me one to use.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. knabenhaft---

    go to the Garand forum and ask a guy by the name of stock doc or rick b. , he knows it all about refinishing stocks, repairing them, and etc. . he is redoing one of my stocks at the present time. he will answer any question you have and is very helpful.


    that is his web page.

    he is very reasonable in his pricing if you want him to do your stock. when you get it back it looks awesome.


  3. Wash it down with acetone. You'll need some chemical gloves that will withstand acetone, 'cause it is hard on the skin. That get the bulk off. To get it out of the grain, use an oven cleaner and let it sit a while before you scrape it off.

    When I was a middie working with the armorer, we used to boil the garand stocks that came out of storage in a 55 gallon drum. Usually they would warp, but we would hang them up to dry and in about 2 weeks, they would straighten out.
  4. Oven cleaner can actually harm the stock. It is not good to use it on wood. It breaks down the wood grain.