Turkish 8mm Mauser 1938

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  1. lets see the mauser is one of the coolest Bolt action rifles of all time very easy to clean easy to work and hard to brake!

    History on my mauser i was 20 years old i was looking for my first Rifle! i didnt want a shotgun i didnt want a Assault rifle i wanted a Mauser! i shot one at the Ocean Side Public shooting Range i liked it alot! so when i got home to az i found what i was looking for at Big 5 after going to Many Other Gun shops where the cost was crazy! no one hade a Deal so i went to Big 5 and found the one i wanted i sayed i would love to have that old Mauser and the manger gave me a Discount of $80

    that is how i got my first mauser 98 8mm Turkish mauser!

    ---------------The Mauser Found in the Old Barn----------------

    i repaired a Mauser 98 for a friend its Just Like Mine sept his is year 1944 he found his on a Dirt Lot he got some place and the rifle was broken in two so i took the rifle home removed the Broken stock and in a weeks time the new one same in good as new Still dead on aswell

    so when i found his mauser in his barn lol it was so beat up i sayed holly man what did you do to this Gun? he sayed i found it like that lol

    bolt was hanging out of the gun jammed where it would not close was a real Mess of a Rifle now it works !!!

    First time shooting was on Thanks giving 2010 we put the rifle on a Board on a Saw Horse and clamp it to the wood put a String threw the Trigger and Took Cover Bhind the Truck i sayed ok i am Loading the Gun now Stay Back i closed the bolt ran Bhind the Truck go for it BOOM the gun fires and does not blow up! it works He screams it works! we then do it 3 more times and then take it out back to his home Created Range He has a Big Smile his face! says Here you go Mike take the first Shot see if the sights are on he puts a Can on the Post I fire hiting the Can ! dead on! now he says Try to Hit the Smaller Can Swinging from the Line i shoot BoOM i hit the wire cuting it in two! knocking the can threw the air onto the ground

    next thing he says is wow thats great i give him his rifle and then i pickup my own up and we both open fire with our Turkish mausers! Boom Boom hiting targets all over the place that was a Great Great Thanks giving! day i Gave him a Gift and then we both Have fun untell the sun went down!!!
  2. so next time i am in cali again i am goto take Our friend out Again some time soon Our rifles will Do Target Shooting Yet again!
    The Old Mausers Are Tanks

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    I've got an old Turk Mauser 1938 myself. Got a real nice patina on the metal, nearly all of the bluing has faded away. It was a sorry excuse when I bought it, $100 OTD at a pawn shop, and the bore looked skeptical. Got it home, and spent hours trying to clean it out. Finally got to the point where nothing else would come out, so I went and shot it. Bore cleared right out. Now it's nice and shiny. Sure shoots good too. This Turk was my first Mauser.
  4. Tulamosin

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    I bought a Turk mauser a few months ago and just now finished cleaning and re-finishing the stock; left the metal as it was. I even found an actual Turkish bayonet for it yesterday.

    It's a nice change of pace from my M24/47 and VZ. 23 (not a 24).
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    I have owned a few of the 1893 Spanish models that were reworked by the Turks to take the more modern 8mm Mauser round. Back in 2007 you could find these beaters for around $120-140, but I seldom see them these days. They are great bargains, and if you want a pre-1899 rifle for tarting up, these are definitely the way to go versus Chilean Mausers.
  6. ChaZam

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    I still have a couple of them. Wish I had bought more from Burns Bros/Wholesale Guns and Ammo a few years back when they were less than $40.00. LOL
  7. Iron_Colonel

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    I bought mine thinking I was going to refinish everything. After I got it home, I decided I really liked the dark look of the stock, and the patina on the metal was awesome. Most of the bluing on exposed was gone, so essentially the patina was nearly "in the white". But years of use and handling wore it all off. I am very happy with mine. But my German K98 outshoots my Chinese, Yugo, Czech and Turk Mauser.
  8. Well made, hard hitting, long used. Mine show scar after scar from battles long past and mostly forgotten. Probably carried into at least a few engagements on horseback. Used in dessert and mountain. The Turks were fierce warriors. Known for their full frontal assults. Who knows who carried and possibly dropped for the last time our rifles in brutal fighting.

    A heavy duty battle rifle in the old 8x57 Mauser is just a thrill to shoot. I think mine although beaten beyound belief is a very good Mauser rifle.
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    I like mine a lot as well. Got it a few years back at a gunshow here in Michigan, i traded a Mitchell Mauser m48a for it. Fantastic rifles, maybe not the best built Mausers but that doesnt mean they are not accurate and reliable. Very durable good lookin gun. Also the bayonets for these are pretty cool lookin as well.

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    I still regret not buying several when they were all over SGN for $39.95. I ended up buying a VZ-24 for $79.95 from Grande Cinco and ended up hating it because of the location of the side-swivel although it was a gorgeous, great-shooting gun.
    Now I've got an M24-47 that is a great shooter and is pure poison on hogs, but for some reason, I seldom shoot it. Come to think of it, I may take it out tomorrow and heat'er up a bit...
  11. my turkish has sone onces finger marks worn into the wood stock
  12. Tulamosin

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    Most of the bluing on mine is still there but well worn. The finish on my stock was mostly gone, so I stripped the remainder off, lightly sanded it, and gave it a satin poly finish. It looks and feels a lot better now while still retaining its character.