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Turkish Mauser 1947

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Hello, I just got a "Turkish" K98 stamped ANK(Turk moon & symbols...)and AKA, under that is the date stamp of 1947, but the 7 is stamped over a 1 !! The top of the receiver has been ground and restamped, but some things are still visable, like the "WAFFENFABRIK' and a small portion of something on the left side of the receiver just above the wood line.
I have enclosed a pic, actually I plopped it on the scanner and scanned it, if you blow it up a little you can see the date and Turk stuff.
Any info on this fine weapon, would be apprieciated.
Marc J Atteberry
Milford, New Hampshire


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Marc, you've got a basic M38 Turk, made at the Ankara arsenal.
The re-stamping could indicate an arsenal rework. These are usually good shooters, if they're in good shape. The Turks really used their rifles, rather than stashing them for decades in a warehouse. They always show lot's of "character". :cool:
Since the M38 was a broad standard, not a true model, many earlier rifles were rebuilt to this standard. That could account for the ground off marks. The "Waffenfabrik" makes me think this was originally a German-made rifle, rebuilt by the Turks. Very good, as the German steel and workmanship were better.
Good find! :nod:
Turk M38

Thanks for the super Quick reply!
I am very exiced to have this rifle! My dream shooter for sure!
anyway, You mentioned 'Character', well, thats what this has, lots of it, looks loke a lifetime or two of carrying around, but the barrel looks smooth and well grooved, with no scratching or scoring on the chroming. I cant wait to plug some poor dirt pile!!!
It came with the Bayonette as well!
again, thanks for the info
Marc J Atteberry
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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