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  1. Brownells has a posting that anyone thinking of customizing one of the ol' Turk should check and read before rebarreling.
    I matched up Swede barrel with the Turk barrel small ring threads and they are not the same. Check bolt lenght, maybe that's why mine won't fire.
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    That's excellent information.
    I was not aware of the possible thread size difference either. I assumed that a small ring barrel would thread right on a turk receiver. Thanks for the post.

  3. Why would you want to go thru all that trouble on a weapon thats 60 yrs old? I cant understand why someone for the sake of a few dollars would meddle around like that on an old war relic rifle, when they can go out and buy a new sporting rifle.
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    Well,....In my humble opinion, there's a substantial difference in cost (typically) between installing another surplus or replacement barrel on a $40 Mauser action and buying a new sporting rifle (unless one is dead-set upon having that stainless steel Shilen barrel attached to their old Mauser....oh yes, some day....).

    Regardless of the cost factor, there's a great deal of personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment involved in repairing and/or customizing an "old war relic" which has outlived its intended purpose, service life, and possible collector value. I cannot say that I remember the last time that I picked up my Winchester Model 70; however, my end of the workday therapy often includes handling or working on an old Mauser or Mosin, or simply contemplating another project. Not to say that I'm ready to give up the Winchester, it's just that it is, in a sense, too easy.

    Why did we expend billions of dollars and the lives of three brave astronauts in order to bring some rocks back from the moon ? We could have shaken the rocks out of Bill Clinton's head for a lot less.
  5. It just seems to me that when people do this to an old military rifle they are destroying a small little bit of history.
  6. Ya know whats worse? When the anti-gunners have a gun buy-back in the name of security. Have you ever seen some of the guns that get turned in? Classic ones, one of a kind, rare ones and just plan old ones. This happened on one turn-in, people would go by the 303 Enfield for $50 and get &100 in return. Another piece of history in the melting pot. I get emotionaly disturbed when the German Lugars get melted down.
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  7. Look at Australia-- they melted everything.
  8. Seen the NRA's documentary on that. What a same! Now only criminals have guns. Who would have thought?

    We'll have a National Holiday when Bin f-ing ladens azz is rehabilitated, those 75 virgins are all going to get their period at the same time, perpetualy.
  9. Doesnt Canada have very strict laws also?
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    I have several 'sport' Mausers. It's not like you are destroying a little piece of history. If you buy a Mauser action and build a gun on it, you now have a little piece of history in your gun.
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    Itcboy - Yes, about Canada, as to strict gun laws, and they are even confusing, but not as confusing and in some cases not as strict as in the USA.

    I know that a few Canadians have posted here in the past and they have said (correct me if I am wrong), they have certain classes of guns, and the AR15 fits in a class that you can't have. Yet on the other hand magazine sizes and stock shapes have no bearing on what you can and can't own.

    Let one of our Canadian Brothers speak up and explain it all.