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TURKISH MAUSERS <> Things you should be aware of

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Brownells has a posting that anyone thinking of customizing one of the ol' Turk should check and read before rebarreling.
I matched up Swede barrel with the Turk barrel small ring threads and they are not the same. Check bolt lenght, maybe that's why mine won't fire.
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Itcboy - Yes, about Canada, as to strict gun laws, and they are even confusing, but not as confusing and in some cases not as strict as in the USA.

I know that a few Canadians have posted here in the past and they have said (correct me if I am wrong), they have certain classes of guns, and the AR15 fits in a class that you can't have. Yet on the other hand magazine sizes and stock shapes have no bearing on what you can and can't own.

Let one of our Canadian Brothers speak up and explain it all.
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