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TURKISH MAUSERS <> Things you should be aware of

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Brownells has a posting that anyone thinking of customizing one of the ol' Turk should check and read before rebarreling.
I matched up Swede barrel with the Turk barrel small ring threads and they are not the same. Check bolt lenght, maybe that's why mine won't fire.
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Why would you want to go thru all that trouble on a weapon thats 60 yrs old? I cant understand why someone for the sake of a few dollars would meddle around like that on an old war relic rifle, when they can go out and buy a new sporting rifle.
It just seems to me that when people do this to an old military rifle they are destroying a small little bit of history.
Look at Australia-- they melted everything.
Doesnt Canada have very strict laws also?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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