TV scriptwriters portray hunters in negative light

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    Would you like to wow your friends with your ability to predict who, in a TV crime or legal drama, will eventually be found to be the killer or all around bad guy or gal? Well, just zero in on anyone who is 1.) a hunter; 2.) has mounted deer or taxidermy animals ducks, fish, etc. hanging on the walls; or 3.) wearing fur. Just like that you will have nailed down the identity of the TV villain probably 99 times out of 100.

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    the way television is going down the tubes in terms of quality and originality I feel in another few years the hero of whatever police show, district attorney show, private eye show, etc. will spend an oblitgatory minute or two of each show explaining how he or she is a vegetarian, vegan, uses recyled everything, donates to the latest liberal cause, etc., etc., etc.

    If it were not for the educational channels on the cable we would turn on our television set perhaps one or two hours each month.

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    It would be refreshing to turn on the idiot box and find the scriptwriters giving credit to ordinary citizens helping the police with gunfire, the way they did down in Texas back in the 1960s during the Speck shootings at the University of Texas. It wasn't just cops returning fire on that psycho. There were plenty of citizens who hauled out their deer rifles from their pickups and opened up on the clock tower to keep him pinned down until the pllice could deal with him.
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    The screen writers coming out of Southern California schools are highly talented in their craft, but have never spent a weekend in the wild, the forest or a day at the range. Their info seems to be limited to the nightly news and getting their shows picked up. We know the bad guy cannot be a gang banger......too easy, a terrorist, ....too easy, that leaves hunters and gun owners, and in So. Calif. we are always the bad guys.
  5. Is anyone actually surprised? Most are democraps and aren't most democraps anti-gun?