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Ok first I have to say I'm at a bit of a loss on where to post this, but I settled here because this is about taking 30+ year old Night Vision and Tearing it apart and attempting to make it more usable... I could have posted it under Optics, but it's nothing you can go out and just buy so it's not a review as much as the process of adapting and overcoming on a piece of gear that most would not consider attempting, so I thought it might be a topic for discussion here...

Anyway as far a survival goes one thing that can give a person a big advantage is having some Night Vision capability, which from what I am seeing has been gaining a good bit more traction / popularity these days with the general public than I've seen in the past, likely due to the advent of cheaper digital night vision devices being readily available, and Cheap(er) or at least affordable enough for most people to be able to at least get something even if very limited.

Over the last half dozen years or so I've been playing with this stuff and in addition to getting some nicer things often I keep an eye out on FleaBay looking at older used gear looking for bargains that others might overlook, and I've gotten a couple of pretty good deals too. (FYI most digital stuff isn't much better than cheap Gen 1, So looking for used Gen 2 on FleaBay can be a viable option if you do your research and don't get bit by the "Win the Bid" bug)

One of these was a Tasco NV250 Gen 2 Handheld device that I ended up paying about $250 for a couple of years back.. It's Big and Old and well a Tasco aka Radio Shack product. Long story short when I got it it worked but was big and heavy and when I took off the front lens to see what I had I found it had an MX-9644 tube in it (same tube used in the PVS-4 military scope from the 90's) but it's performance wasn't as good as other things I've used with that tube (though still very useful for the $$$).

Which brings me to the video linked below... This past month while on vacation (staycation) I got to looking at this thing and decided I would tear it apart and see if I could tweak on it and improve it's performance and long story short I was successful... It was definitely a process, but really the thought process and methodology was almost more important than the outcome (at least in this case at this time) So I thought it might be relevant here So here it is, Comments and Discussions Welcome!

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