Two Cajuns

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    Clarence and Lawrence lived across the bayou from each other. They had been enemies for years. While one is fishing the other would splash in the water to scare away the fish; or while one was hunting the other would yell out to scare away the prey. Well years went buy and the state began to build a bridge to connect the two banks. as they were building it Lawrence yelled over to Clarence "Clarence when they finish this bridge I'm a coming over there to give a the ***** whooping you deserve". Clarence replied " come on over you old coot, I'll show you what a real man can do!". Anyway the taunts continued for about three months until the bridge was finally completed one late afternoon. Lawrence yelled over to Clarence "sleep well old fool tomorrow Ima gonna hurt you." to which Clarence replied "Lawrence you come over here and Im going to clean the floor with you"

    The two men wandered back to their cabins ate a hearty cajun meal and drifted off to sleep. The next morning Lawrence awoke early and quickly dressed. While on his way out the door he told his wife to get breakfast ready. He would be back soon as it wouldn't take long to put Clarence in his place. Out the door he went.

    It wasnt' ten minutes when Lawrence cam back into the cabin. His head drooping and a somber look on his face he slumped down into a chair at the kitchen table. His wife looks at him and says "What's wrong honey, Fight not go well?"

    "There wasn't any fight, and there never will be" replied Lawrence.

    "Why not" asked his wife.

    "Well" he said "I got about a third the way on that bridge when I saw a sign that said WARNING CLEARANCE 10'6"!!!!!!!!"