Two cowboys sitting in a bar

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    A couple of old cowboys were sitting in a bar having a drink, doing what
    most old cowboys do; complaining about the heat, the cows and their
    wives. They weren't exactly the brightest guys, and neither were their
    comments. Every day they said pretty much the same thing. And it always
    ended in a pissing contest over who had the worst wife.

    Today though something was different. There was a wise looking elderly
    Indian Chief sitting at the bar. They decided to ask him to decide, who had
    the worst wife. The first cowboy complained that his wife was always arguing
    with him. No matter what he said, she always said the opposite. She didn't
    just say it either; she said it so loud that the neighbors complained.

    The old Chief listened attentively and then said, "If your wife was Indian, we
    would name her Fire-Water."

    "Why would you call her Fire-Water?" asked the cowboy.

    The Indian Chief replied, "Every time she opens her mouth she breathes fire and
    your knees turn to water."

    The second cowboy said "My wife is so bad that we haven't hadn't had physical
    relations in darn near twenty years."

    The chief again listened attentively and pronounced his wife as "Sleeping-Dragon."

    When asked why, the chief replied, "If you try to touch her while she is sleeping,
    she will become dragon and bite your head off."

    The two cowboys had a good laugh over their wives new names. Then one of
    them asked, "Okay, them Indian names are pretty cool, but.... Who has the worst

    The chief replied, "I do."

    They asked what the chiefs wife name was.

    The chief replied something along the lines of "Whumpo Havo Noja"

    They both looked very confused, so the chief explained, "That's my wife's Indian
    name, it translates in English to "Three-Old-Horses."

    More puzzled than ever before they asked, "Yeah, but what does Three-Old-Horses

    The chief sighed, took a sip of his beer and said, "Nag, Nag, Nag.":nod: :D