Two-faced philosophy

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    The recent disaster in the Gulf has brought about renewed debate on ANWR and the environmentalists and anti-oil are up in arms. I've read some of their arguments and basically it boils down to the return from drilling doesn't justify the potential impact on the environment and wildlife. Saving this area in pristine condition for our children and grandchildren is paramount.
    Ok, so here's the question I have to these people. If they honestly believe that, then why aren't they behind securing our borders?

    Our desert areas in the southwest are surely just as valuable as a remote area close to the arctic circle that most people will never see except in pictures. Some states, and the federal government, have gone to great lengths to mandate limited use of desert areas due to the very same concerns they have for ANWR, yet as the traffic coming from the south is destroying some of these locations and filling them with trash, they are against any attempts to stop that traffic.
    Can you say "hypocrite"? I knew you could.
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    ^ Logic & moral integrity are often absent from the reasoning of the bleeding hearts.

  3. I"ve got to agree with you and Hypocrite is the perfect word for them.
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    They dont want us to drill a few acres of Tundra , yet they are willing to let the illegals take 80 miles of Arizona and trash it , and control it . I have a few words besides Hypocrites that come to mind...
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    We should HIRE these illegals. (min wage)

    To hand dig a big trench between the US & Mexico.
    Then fill it with water, a stock it with gators.

    Will appease every one.
    And when it is finished.
    The gators would be feed, with any slow swimmers!
  6. Yes,

    you are so correct in your post.

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    I have read a book by Dr. Jerome Corsi called Black Gold stranglehold. The book was very difficult reading for me as it wasnt a spellbinder. However it was informative on many of the aspects of the oil situation. One of the things that was said was in the 70's when the pres. Carter stated that oil production had peaked and that we are running out of oil. Since then our oil reserves have quadruppled. Also comparitivly speaking . go to your local high school football field and bring with you a common postage stamp. set the postage stamp down on the field . the stamp represents the area of ANWR they want to drill in , the remander of the field represents the rest of ANWR. For the good of all the people of the US, we owe it to ourselves to drill. I have saw shows about the compatibility of the Alaskan pipeline and the wildlife . There was enviromentilist's then also . They made certain that there were caribou crossings built at a large exspense so they could cross the pipeline easily. They dont use them. They cross where they so choose. I am sure there are many Alaskan G&G members who could tell you better about the pipeline and how the wildlife get along. Bottom line is some of the enviromentilists need to realise that people are animals also. Like it or not our country is driven by the consumption of oil,and when you by foreign oil you are helping some of those that harbor the US ill will.

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    I also agree that the boarder needs secured and that the desert has been trashed . The US should seek compensation from mexico for the damage they have allowed there citizens to create on US soil. (When burrito"s fly)