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    Two guys working in a ditch in July sweating looks up to see the boss hop out of his AC truck. One says to the other why are we here working and he's up there in the AC. Well I'm going to find out the other says.

    He climbs out and asks the boss" Bossman, why are we working and sweating while you sit in the AC?"

    Well the Boss says I have what you call intelligence.

    What's that the man asks.

    Bossman places his hand upon the light pole and says "take that shovel in your hand in hit my hand as hard as you can"

    Oh no bossman; you'll fire me if I do.

    No I won't; go ahead.

    He raises the shovel back and swings it with all his might. The boss removes his hand allowing the shovel to smack hardly against the metal pole. (((((((BOING)))))))

    You see thats Intelligence the boss says.

    The man quickly returns to the hole. His partner ask him what the boss said. Well he said he had something we didn't: Intelligence!

    Well what's that the second man asks?

    The first man looks at him and says "Hit my hand as hard as you can with your shovel while I hold it in front of my FACE!"