Two hijackers shot dead on Ethiopian internal flight

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    Now our pilots can show that firearms belong in planes

    Two hijackers shot dead on Ethiopian internal flight

    ADDIS ABABA, June 10 (AFP) - Two youths who tried to hijack an internal Ethiopian Airlines flight were shot dead Sunday
    by national security agents on board, Radio Ethiopia reported.

    One of the plane's two stewards was slightly injured during the attempted hijacking, the official radio said quoting Ethiopian civil
    aviation security chief Bekretsion Habte.

    The hijackers, aged 20 and 22, tried to seize a plane that had taken off from Bahir Dar in the northeast for Addis Ababa at 4:40 pm
    (1340 GMT) with 42 passengers on board. It finally completed its flight as scheduled, Habte said.

    The youths, identified as Tesfaouni Yeneabat, 22, and Tewodros Mekonen, 20, both from Bahir Dar, tried to seize the Fokker 50 half
    an hour into the flight and were shot dead by national security agents, Habte said.

    "The attempted hijacking failed, one person was slightly injured, one of the two stewards," he told the radio.

    "We do not know the two hijackers' motives," he added.

    The pair, sitting in the centre of the aircraft, got up together after half an hour, and one headed for the pilots' cabin while the other
    moved toward the rear of the plane, shouting that they were hijacking it, Habte said.

    They clashed with the stewards on the way. The security men then "took measures against the two men," he said.

    National television showed the bodies on its evening newscast.

    Passengers interviewed by state radio after the plane landed in Addis Ababa praised the response of the security agents.

    "They wanted to take the lives of a lot of people. The agents' action was justified," said Ruth Berhanu, an Ethiopian resident in the
    United States who had just spent six weeks in Bahir Dar.

    "I'm proud of the Ethiopian security," said another passenger, Abebaw Alemu, who agreed that the killing of the hijackers was
    appropriate. He also urged "great care during passenger searches before boarding."

    In April 2001 an Ethiopian air force plane was hijacked after taking off from Bahir Dar to Khartoum, capital of neighboring Sudan.

    The five hijackers, who included two student officers, surrendered to Sudanese police and freed their 51 hostages.

    Bahir Dar, 550 kilometres (340 miles) northeast of Addis Ababa, hosts an Ethiopian air force base and a university. - Nampa-AFP
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    Arm the pilots!!!!!!!!

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    It's about time someone shows the world that guns on airliners are effective......

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    Now once the librals get a hold of this it will be called "Airline service so poor that passengers are being shoot". But we all know that this proves that we should ARM the piolets.
  5. While I agree with the use of force and the need for firearms aboard, the liberals will cite the lack of airport security there, the need for it and hence, no need for firearms if the security measures were in place.

    Sad...but I see that coming!
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    Since the perps were shot by national security personnel, the Dems will use this to bolster their idea of Federal "Air Marshalls" on board, instead of arming pilots. There was no mention of what, if any, weapons the hijackers may have had.
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    The day we actually see air marshall's is the day we see them stop searching 85 year old women and medal of honor winners. They need to look straight at the source 17 to 40 year old Middle eastern males.
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    Well we know we can't rely on the members of "congress" or the president to do anything about it. So who does that leave?

    I guess it times to feel whats between our legs, and if we got a pair we had better stand up to the plate and serve notice to the arrogant bast**** that we want our country back. We want to be able to defend ourselves, we want to live without being wrongly targeted as "gun-nuts", we want the libs out of our lives, we don't want or need the IRS or the FED!!!

    Wow, were did that come from. I'm done.