Two More FBI Black Eyes

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  1. rando

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    Wow My brother and I were just talking about this. The Clintons have been money laundering for years using the Clinton Foundation to launder their illegal money donations through. Lying and saying it was from speeches and this and that.
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  2. mitchr

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    That's why a lot of folks that should be in prison, aren't.:(
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    Huey Rider: Sir; why should we be surprised.
    Given; we peons aren’t worthy. We don’t matter

    These in power manifesto. Keep my power

    scum at the top.
    Ignorant public; not willing to grasp how manipulative power mad officials are
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  4. Ten Man

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    Criminal activity is no longer considered "wrong." Disgusting! We can thank our politicians for this outrageous activity.

    Ever since Obama, Biden, and Bill & Hillary were allowed to skate, instead of being publicly hung in the Rose Garden, this nation has been going to the sewer.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Whenever you put your personal messages on a government phone or computer, you lose the right to edit them and they are now government property. I am pretty sure Hillary could afforded her own Blackberry. I worked for government for decades, I carried 2 phones, mine and theirs. Hillary committed about 30,000 crimes when she destroyed them so we could not see which were hers and which were ours. Comey and his entire band of thieves should be in jail.. I am the most pro-law enforcement guy you will ever meet, but those guys deserve jail.
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  6. rando

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    For Sure. They were some of the best role models for a criminal.
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    A good friend of mine's father was career FBI and very honest. he spent all of his 20+years as a field agent. Not only did he have to lock horns with criminals but the FBI admins as well from time to time.
    Plus some other agents who would climb over each other to get promoted.
  8. Ranger4

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    Federal law enforcement has lots of challenges. In the real world the US Attorneys do not want to spend their time prosecuting small cases, as one once told me, they only wanted the sexy cases, something to get news or look good on their resumes. Back in the early 80s where I worked it did not matter how bad the dude was. If he was selling drugs, no case under a $10,000 sale would be accepted for referral. We had to give them to local or state authorities. So, so a really bad guy could make a bunch of $9,999 drug deals and never be prosecuted at the federal level.

    A $9,999 cocaine sale might not be a big deal, but one that size of meth or PCP could really hurt a lot of people. Just saying, federal prosecutors control what agents do. In addition to the one lawyer prosecuted for falsifying the FICA warrant, there are many US Attorneys who should be in jail over the Hillary Clinton interview.. Think about this, Loretta Lynch the AG and Comey, both agreed to give immunity to Hillary Clinton's top 5 associates. And some got to then serve as her legal advisor at that interview. Now the bottom line of that? Those 5 were the only ones who could have sent her to prison, that grant of immunity guaranteed that none of them would ever be required to testify against her and that she would never be prosecuted. Neither Comey of Loretta Lynch could possible be that stupid. That is public corruption of the highest level.

    Then there is the Biden son and brother raking in millions from the Chinese and the Russians. Again public corruption in my view. Maybe Trump will mention that in the debate tomorrow.
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    National Black Eyes:
    Black ey  mueller.jpg Black eye  comey.jpg
  10. FortyXDM

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    Caption for the above pics:
    "Hey little yankee woos, I got the gonna kick the s**t out of me now" ?
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