Two Scotsmen

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    Two Scotsmen were avid golfers and had played together every Thursday for many years. The sixth tee was near the road that led to the local cemetary.
    One day as they reached that particular tee a funeral passed by, and old Hammish turned and raised his club in salute.
    "Mon, " exclaimed Hector, "in all these years we've been playing this course, and thats the first time Iv'e seen ye paying any respect for the dead."
    "Aye, weel," explained Hamish, "hen you have been married to a woman for forty years, she's entitled to a wee bit of respect":p
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    I saw a group of Scottish golfers playing during a downpour near Glascow. The green was next to the road and they seemed oblivious to the rain as they must have been drenched. No unbrellas were used.:D :nod:

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    It helps if you're a wee bit touched in the noggin!
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    Maybe even a little more than a wee bit. They do like their golf.

    I learned later than golfers in Scotland have a special rule for allowing women to play golf. They can play anytime after sundown and before sunup.
    Oxford:D :nod: