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    I just bought a type 38 rifle.
    Bought some Norma 6.5 ammo... $38 for a box..wow!
    I do reload and already bought the dies.
    This rifle was packed in cosmoline for a long time. I cleaned it real good and test fired it at the range.
    All twenty rounds are showing case bulging only half way around the case maybe half inch up from the base...not real bad but it is noticeable.
    My question is..is this normal for a Jap military rifle to have a oversized chamber to allow for dirt etc..? and why did it have bulging only half way around?
    The bore is like brand new..chrome???
    Numbers all match and the rifle is in excellent condition. 27 series, serial #89,xxx Nagoya pre-war.
    First time I have ownwd a jap.
    What do you think?
    Thank you,
    Mark B.
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    Type 38

    I'm kind of a neophyte when it comes to Jap rifles too, but I read alot of the posts on forums about Arisakas. From what I've been able to glean, chambers on Jap rifles do tend to run a bit large, probably for the reason you cite, dirt. But other posts speak of the "largeness" of the chambers being more towards the back of the chamber near the extractor groove.
    As for chrome chambers. I filled out the data sheet on Type 38s found on another forum, and they have a spot for marking whether or not the bore of your rifle has been chromed. So I guess at least a few of the very late type rifles (like yours?) could have been chromed. The latest I've been able to find out that the Japanese built Type 38s was up until 1942-43. This is well within the time period when they were making Type 99s with chrome bores, so I don't see why they couldn't have made Type 38s with chrome bores too.
    6.5 Norma for $38.00 a box! Whew! I can find it (rarely) for less, and when I do, know that if you're just a step slow, it'll be gone! I'm more used to paying $20-24 a box. Wish someone would make some cheaper, or import a load of (dreaming now...) Finnish ammo left over from WWII. Good Luck! Walt

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    Check the chamber dimensions...

    A favorite trade for postwar gunsmiths [and there were many returning veteran armorers who hung out a sign] was converting 6.5mm Arisakas to .257 Roberts and other wildcat .25s. Bulging brass is a sign of grossly incorrect chamber dimensions, so I recommend you stop shooting it and cast the chamber & check its dimensions carefully against the book values for 6.5 Arisaka. There's nothing wrong with .257 Roberts, and it might be cheaper for you to shoot...
    gluck, peterNaCl ;) 8)
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    the japanese army had a machine gun that fired the same 6.5x50 mm cartridge, they found that by relieving the chamber in just that area where you see your bulge allowed the m.g. to feed more reliably. they used the same dimensions on the bolt rifle when they manufactured it. they had no interest in reloading the emptys i dont know what this means for case longevity or safety but that is why all 6.5s bulge the brass, kinda like a glock .40 does n.g. for reloaders but good for reliability.