U.S. Customs Missing 2,000-Plus Computers

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    Notice the headline omits the firearm and badge part but what do you expect....not sure how you "steal" or lose a desk top computer...as for the firearms...Im find this funny because we all know that these were probly some nice toys. Im begining to think Goverment agencies are the leading supplier of criminal guns...can you imagin what BATF would do to a gunstore or supplie who lost 72 firearms....

    U.S. Customs Missing 2,000-Plus Computers
    Equipment Worth $690,000

    Posted: 10:14 a.m. EDT August 9, 2002

    WASHINGTON -- More than 2,000 computers -- valued at more than a half million dollars -- are among the merchandise that has turned up lost or stolen from the U.S. Customs Service over the past three years.

    The missing equipment was discovered during an audit by the Treasury Department's inspector general. It found that 2,251 computers, most of them desktops, went missing -- total value $690,000. In addition, there were 72 firearms missing -- and 613 Customs badges.

    Aside from the obvious loss of the monetary value of the items, the audit raises questions because the Customs service has shifted its primary mission in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    It used to focus on detecting smuggled narcotics -- but now, its focus is on preventing terrorists from slipping into the country with things like nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

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    I also heard that they have "lost" quite a number of firearms,along with the FBI. However,Customs doesn't have to account for them. The FBI has lost in the neighborhood of 1,000 firearms.

  3. I read this too but I dont remember the exact cost of the missing badges. Its in the neighborhood of $200 per badge! And at least one "missing" weapon was found and proved to used in a fatal shooting. Lets all thank the feds for supplying guns to the bad guys.