U.S. Made Mosin source?

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Rick the Librarian, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. Just window-shopping at this point, but where is a good source for a U.S. made M-N? I'm not looking for a museum-quality piece, but not a junker, either.

    Sources and ideas as to price?

  2. Big Dog

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    You might try getting in touch with Century Arms Int'l, I read that they often have small amounts of more specialized guns that don't get listed in their flyers. If you sweet talk them, they might find something in particular. I know Remington made M91's, and I think Westinghouse? Anybody know the second US maker for sure? Also try Tuco's Gunboards - they have a trader section and they have a lot of very knowledgable Mosin people.

  3. Calvin

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    Big Dog, you are correct on the 2 manufacturers-Remington and New England Westinghouse.
    Rick, you can also go to www.gunsnammo.com. They have some nice U.S.-made Mosins for sale.
  4. Took a look on their site and only saw a few 91/30s - nothing U.S.

    Thanks anyway,

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    In "Shotgun News" the U.S. made Mosins were being sold by Interordnance in North Carolina. At one time you could pick a rifle by your company of choice.
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    Buying one from another individual seems to be the most likely anymore. There are quite a few out there.
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    Whoops, Rick. I meant to give you the Interordnance website. Sorry about that. www.interordnance.com. They have some M91's for sale.
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    hey rick,for what it's worth,about a year ago i got to go through the inter-ordnance warehouse and get all touchy-feely w/everything.at that time they had several pallets of U.S. m/n's stacked like cord wood.the quality overall was what i would call good to very good.all had seen obvious use,dark wood w/expected dings,some had good finish on metal some had very little.mechanically,they all seemed in very good shape and the ones that were reasonably clean appeared to have very decent bores.i would feel comfortable shooting any of the ones that i examined.i have purchased two guns from them (m-44 and m-39) and have always had good luck with them but have heard just the opposite from a few others. you might also want to ck with simpson ltd. , surplusfirearms.com,cole distributing,and hunterslodge.com. happy hunting!
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    i have read nothing but complaints regarding Hunters Lodge. misrepresenting items, exorbinate shipping fees, extremely poor customer service and on and on.:mad: :eek:
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    hunters lodge

    thanks papa g.,never dealt with them and don't know anyone who has,just seen their ads in SGN..toolman
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